How to manage Peppol e-invoicing?

At this time, there is no law in the US recommending or mandating the use of electronic invoicing. In spite of this, a pilot test has been carried out to analyze the implementation, which has been a success. All indications are that legislation may soon be introduced to move in this direction. In any case, companies that want to digitalize these processes can use the electronic invoice through Peppol.


Electronic invoice in UBL format

Electronic invoicing is not a simple PDF, it is an invoice in a structured electronic format and, many times, this format may be different depending on the recipient.

In the US, the recent pilot test was carried out using the UBL format. This is a format that is being implemented in the EU and other Asian countries.

Everything seems to indicate that the implementation of electronic invoicing in the United States will be carried out with the use of this format.

What is UBL format?

Routing codes: Peppol ID

In electronic invoicing processes, most documents must contain routing codes. These codes are used to redirect the invoice and allow its correct processing.

In the case of electronic invoices in UBL format, they must contain the Peppol Id, which is an identifier that allows routing the invoice to the correct recipient. This identifier is used in the Peppol network, which we will talk about later.

Peppol network as a method of sending e-invoices

Sending an electronic invoice is not as easy as sending it via email.

The Peppol network is an open, international document exchange network created in Europe. The electronic invoice pilot test in the US has been developed through this network. Given the success of this test, everything indicates that it will be the network chosen to develop the new electronic invoice exchange regulations in the country.

To access the Peppol environment, it is necessary to register with a certified Peppol Access Point.

Do you want to know how Peppol works?

What is Peppol?

Valid company ID

It is important to have the recipient’s identifier in order to issue the electronic invoice.

Each receiver has a different identifier, and all electronic invoices must contain this information.

In addition, the Peppol network only accepts a few specific identifiers accepted by the environment, so it is necessary to know this information about your customer.

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B2Brouter is a cloud-based platform, connected with national and international companies, which can generate and send electronic invoices in a simple and uncomplicated manner:

Create electronic invoices in UBL format without technical complications

With B2Brouter you only need to fill in a simple form with the invoice data or import the document from your system. The application takes care of converting the invoice into structured electronic format (UBL).

Create customers easily with the identifier

B2Brouter has a business directory. You only need to enter your customer’s identifier and the data is automatically filled in.

In addition, the system validates the identifier, so you can be sure that the information entered is valid and correct.

Don’t worry about Peppol’s ID

Creating the invoice is easy. The user simply needs to add the data to a form and select the routing codes. Via the directory, B2Brouter shows the routing codes related to the client to whom the invoice is addressed.

Sending Peppol e-invoice

B2Brouter is a certified Peppol Access Point. You can register in the Peppol environment and send your national electronic invoices completely free of charge, without any management problems or technical obstacles.

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More use cases

I need to send Peppol international invoices to Europe

Suppliers of European public entities must send international Peppol electronic invoices even if they are cross-border issuers. Every day more and more countries around the world are implementing electronic invoicing through this network.

Send international Peppol electronic invoices

E-invoicing for suppliers through Peppol network

Big companies need to centralize the reception of electronic invoices from a large number of suppliers. An efficient way of doing this is to receive electronic invoices via the Peppol network, which facilitates the management and control for companies.

Digitizing electronic invoices via the Peppol network

Automate e-invoicing with the implementation of Peppol integration

The implementation of the Peppol integration allows companies to automate the sending of electronic invoices. It is perfect for companies that have to manage large volumes of invoices, as they can work directly from their management system and send invoices via the Peppol network.

Why do Peppol integration?

I want to send a Peppol e-invoice

Although in the United States there is no obligation to use electronic invoicing, it is possible that soon there will be laws recommending or mandating its use. Taking into account a recent pilot test, everything points to the use of the Peppol e-invoicing.

Send Peppol e-invoices

Invoicing and tax programme

Self-employed people and small companies need an efficient and simple management of their invoices.

Managing invoicing