Receipt of invoices from different service providers

Large companies need to centralise the receipt of invoices from a high number of service providers, using costly processes and business rules that can be complex to manage, both for the sender and the recipient.


Imposing a complex receipt method for all service providers

Large recipients need to unify the receipt of invoices from service providers. To do so, they need to receive the invoices via one single network for all senders, using a specific format.  It involves complex procedures which the majority of service providers are not used to.

Breach of business rules

Because of the large volume of documents they receive, large recipients need invoices to comply with certain regulations that enable them to manage and process them smoothly, and to adapt them to their needs. When these business rules are breached, the processing slows down and the relationships with service providers deteriorate.

Communication problems with service poviders

When a large recipient manages a high number of invoices from service providers, maintaining smooth communication about the processes and statuses of the invoices can be very complicated, costly and slow.

Increase in number of incidences

When a large recipient asks their service providers to manage the invoices using new tools or processes which they are not used to, there is an increase in the number of incidences and this puts the administration department under pressure.

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B2Brouter is a cloud-based invoicing platform, specialised in the exchange of electronic documents, which can connect with the management systems of large recipients to facilitate the management of the invoices received and to provide their service providers with a simple tool for sending.

B2Brouter connects service providers and clients

B2Brouter can easily connect with the systems of large recipients. In turn, the service providers can use B2Brouter to easily connect with their clients and to send invoices in the correct format. This is possible by using the free version or some of the inexpensive plans, depending on the case, and availing of a user-friendly tool.

Complying with the business rules

Using the directory, B2Brouter ensures that all the service providers of the large recipient comply with the business rules. The sender of the invoice only has to enter the client’s tax ID number and the system will fill in all the data required by the recipient. This prevents the refusal of invoices caused by a lack of information, and speeds up the processing.

Communication with service providers

B2Brouter has a system that enables the recipient to easily communicate with their service providers, sending notifications of the changes of status of the invoices received. The sender receives these notifications and can be informed of the current status of each invoice.

Reduction in the number of incidences

B2Brouter has a specialised and experienced support department, which can process the incidences directly with the recipient’s service providers and accompany them during the process of starting and adapting to the new invoicing system. This considerably reduces the number of incidences that reach the recipient’s administration department.

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