We facilitate the sending and receiving of electronic documents

The birth
of B2Brouter

B2Brouter Global created the B2Brouter platform in order to simplify and facilitate the creation and sending of electronic invoices for all types of companies. Through participation in international electronic trade projects, B2Brouter has become a leading portal that can connect with all of the main electronic invoicing systems.

Oriol Bausà Peris

B2Brouter Global is an active member of standardisation organisations such as OASIS and UN/CEFACT, and as a result, is always up-to-date.

Oriol Bausà, founder and director general of B2Brouter Global, has participated in the creation of the Peppol network from the start, and played a fundamental role in the creation of the European Standard on electronic invoicing (EN16931), considering the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Electronic documents follow a great variety of standards all around the world. The aim of B2Brouter is to determine each of these standards and to make them available to the user in one single tool. To do so, we have worked in close collaboration with standardisation projects such as CEN BII and SEMIC in the European Commission.

Our aim is that each company, regardless of the language, the invoicing requirements of the country or the specific characteristics of the sector, can send a correct invoice that can be electronically and automatically processed, to companies all over the world.

We envisage a world without paper, supporting business processes

We are overcoming digital obstacles

To ensure that borders are not a problem in the digital world, we provide a platform on which electronic documents can be successfully shared with companies all over the world.

We convert the invoices automatically and at any time into the format required by the recipient, so that there are no obstacles in the final electronic processing. We help smaller companies in their effort to go digital and to play in the same league as the big companies. Thanks to B2Brouter, isolated and costly solutions are a thing of the past.


Years of experience


Number of employees


Offices all over the world

B2Brouter International

B2Brouter has an office in New Zealand, comprising a team that is dedicated to adapting our services so they comply with the local standards in Australia and New Zealand.

B2Brouter has an office in Italy, comprising a team that is dedicated to working on adapting the portal so it complies with the local standards in that country, where electronic invoicing is obligatory in relations between companies.

The B2Brouter team

  • Oriol Bausà Peris

    Oriol Bausà


  • David Escala

    David Escala


  • Carlota Amorós

    Carlota Amorós


  • Queralt Bausà

    Queralt Bausà


  • Mykola Bibliv

    Mykola Bibliv

    Software developer

  • Laura Bohera

    Laura Bohera


  • Laura Carchano

    Laura Carchano

    Software developer

  • Roberto Cisternino

    Roberto Cisternino

    Italy Country Manager

  • Jessica Cruz

    Jessica Cruz


  • Georgina Estany

    Georgina Estany

    Channel Sales

  • Carla Feniello

    Carla Feniello


  • Iñaki Gabilondo

    Iñaki Gabilondo

    Helpdesk Manager

  • Carlota García

    Carlota García

    Digital Marketing

  • Aleix Gasset

    Aleix Gasset

    Digital Marketing

  • Eduard Giménez

    Eduard Giménez

    Product Development Manager

  • Marc Martí

    Marc Martí

    Software developer

  • Albert Martí

    Albert Martí

    Service Delivery

  • David Mataró

    David Mataró


  • Henrik Möller

    Henrik Möller

    Nordic Regional Manager

  • Ansgar Mondorf

    Ansgar Mondorf

    Germany Business Manager

  • Elena Muné

    Elena Muné

    Product Development Manager

  • Patxi Olaeta

    Patxi Olaeta

    Channel Sales Director

  • Cristina Pintor

    Cristina Pintor


  • Emma di Pretoro

    Emma di Pretoro


  • Josep Roig

    Josep Roig


  • Sergio Ruiz

    Sergio Ruiz

    Spain Country Manager

  • Angela Sánchez

    Angela Sánchez

    Legal Department & HHRR Manager

  • Thomas Scalise

    Thomas Scalise

    Software developer

  • Victor Tarruella

    Victor Tarruella

    Service Delivery Manager

  • Jordi Torrents

    Jordi Torrents

    Software developer

  • Jan Verwaest

    Jan Verwaest

    Belgium Business Manager

  • Clara Vicente

    Clara Vicente


  • Lucie Vu

    Lucie Vu

    Marketing France

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B2Brouter is certified with the ISO 27001 standard on information security management.

  • It guarantees the continuity of the B2Brouter services.
  • It protects the company’s information assets.
  • It prevents the loss of data of B2Brouter’s service users.
  • It improves audits and the control of security incidents.
  • It ensures staff are trained in security matters and in how to address them.
  • It helps the organisation to grow, in accordance with the security procedures and policies and its continuous improvement.

B2Brouter is certified as a Peppol Access Point Service Provider.


B2Brouter is a member of GENA Global Exchange Network Association.


B2Brouter is an electronic invoice service provider certified by the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia (AOC).

Ministerio de Economía

It is an electronic invoice service provider certified by the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

B2Brouter is certified as a Peppol Access Point Service Provider and Peppol Service Metadata Publisher by the Nez Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.