We have a plan for you: improve the management of electronic documents.

From sending electronic invoices free of charge to integrating your invoicing system or ERP with B2Brouter.

Cloud-based platform


Get started in the world of electronic invoicing

0 eur / forever

Unlimited sending of electronic invoices, storage of invoices for 3 months and a lot more.

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Electronic invoicing for self-employed people and entrepreneurs

100 eur / annual + taxes

Storage of invoices for 5 years, unlimited sending of international electronic invoices, attaching documents to sent invoices, receipt of invoices by email and much more.

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Electronic invoicing for SMEs

300 eur / annual + taxes

National (FACeB2B) and European (Peppol) public networks, receipt of orders and invoices from service providers, text recognition (OCR), legal archive, product catalogue and much more.

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For companies with a large volume of invoicing

Price according to the volume of transactions

Integration of your ERP system, integration of your invoicing system via API, SFTP or Windows, application of special conditions to receive invoices from service providers and much more.

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Comparison of the characteristics of the plans

Basic Professional Business Enterprise
No. of users 1 2 10 unlimited
Storage of invoices
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Access and storage of the invoices 3 months 5 years 5 years 5 years
Legal archive of invoices
Daily backups
Unlimited storage of invoices
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Signature of invoices Authorised
(B2Brouter certificate)
Own certificate or authorised Own certificate or authorised Own certificate or authorised
Sending invoices to clients
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Sending of electronic invoices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited sending of national invoices
Unlimited sending of international invoices
Sending of invoices to private networks
(Pagero, Indra, Banc Sabadell, Carrefour)
Sending of invoices to private EDI networks
Sending of invoices by email
(link to download XML or PDF)
Sending of invoices by email
(attached XML or PDF document)
Configuration of own SMTP email server to send invoices
Sending of documents attached to electronic invoices
Importing of invoices to B2Brouter
Format XML (UBL)
(1 doc. per upload)
(multiple docs. per upload)
(ERP integration)
Creation of branches of service providers (recipient branches)
Creation of own branches (sending branches)
Receipt of service providers’ invoices
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Receipt of electronic invoices between B2Brouter users
Receipt of invoices from external service provider by email
Importing of invoices to B2Brouter (format XML or PDF) Manual
(1 doc. per upload)
(1 doc. per upload)
(multiple docs. per upload)
Automatic ERP integration
Importing of invoices to B2Brouter (format CSV)
Receipt of invoices from national public networks (FACeB2B, Sdi,...)
Receipt of invoices from cross-border public networks (PEPPOL)
Receipt of invoices from private networks (Pagero, Indra, Banc Sabadell)
Receipt of invoices on private EDI networks
Integration B2Bconnector
Text recognition (OCR) Manual
(1 each hour)
(1 each hour)
(multiple documents)
(multiple documents)
Payment of invoices
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Definition of bank details 1 bank account Unlimited accounts Unlimited accounts Unlimited accounts
Management of SEPA orders
Generation of SEPA direct debit orders
Creating/editing invoices
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Creating electronic invoices
Editing electronic invoices
Additional fields in the invoice lines
Creating amending invoices
Creating recurring invoices
Special business rules in the invoice form for service providers
Importing clients/service providers
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Notification of the status of the invoices on the platform
Notification of the status of the invoices by email
Reminder of expired invoices Manual Scheduled Scheduled
Other documents
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Management of quotes
Management of orders
Management of order replies
Management of dispatch notes
PEPPOL network
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Peppol Lookup service
Sending of invoices
Receipt of information about the status of issued invoices
Sending other documents
Receipt of other documents
Peppol Access Point Service
Peppol SMP Service
Financing of invoices
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Financing your invoices
Support service
Basic Professional Business Enterprise
Access to the support service and troubleshooting Basic Priority Priority Exclusive

Frequently asked questions

How can I sign up?

It’s simple. To sign up to any of our plans, you simply have to introduce your data into the form and select the plan that best suits your needs and those of your company. Remember that you can ask for our advice at any time. If you have any questions, ask us!

How can I cancel?

You can cancel your plan in the first fourteen days after signing up. Contact us with your request.

How can I renew a plan?

In the section Your subscription, you can activate automatic renewal or follow the steps to process the manual renewal. You also receive an email notifying you of the finalisation of the plan, from where you can renew it.

How do I obtain the invoice for my plan?

You have to access your account, the section of Invoices and then Invoices received, where you will find the invoice. You will also receive an email confirming you have signed up to the plan, where there is an option that takes you directly to the invoices received.

Does your company need personalised options?

Tell us what you need and we will propose solutions.

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