I need to receive an invoice via public networks

The administration must request electronic invoices from its service providers. Otherwise, the invoices cannot be processed or paid.


Incorrect receipt of invoices

At times, the public administration receives invoices in a format and via a network that has not been established by the regulations.

An example is the receipt of invoices in PDF format by email.

Incorrect information on the invoices

At times, the public administration receives invoices without required information, such as the record number or similar. These data are necessary for the administration department to correctly process the invoice.

This leads to refusals and obstacles in the processing.

Receipt of incidences from service providers

At times, the public administration receives incidences from the service providers, which cannot always be solved because of a lack of control or knowledge and which saturate the organisation’s administration department.

Integration of invoices into the system

At times, the public administration encounters problems when integrating the invoices received from a public network into their management system.

Verification of the service provider’s identity

At times, the public administration needs to verify the identity of their service providers to avoid fraud or scams through the invoices they receive.

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Correct receipt of invoices

B2Brouter guarantees the receipt of all the invoices the service providers send via a public network that is connected with the public administration. The data of the organisation appear in the B2Brouter directory. This means that when a service provider enters the tax ID number, B2Brouter automatically configures the sending via the correct network, with the correct invoice format, and without the service provider having to do anything.

Efficient processing of invoices

The public administration can apply the business rules it chooses for invoices from service providers. B2Brouter ensures that the sender cannot send any invoice without essential information requested by the administration, such as, for example, special codes, record number, etc. This speeds up the processing of the invoice.

Fewer incidences for the public administration

If the service providers use B2Brouter to send the electronic invoices, B2Brouter manages and solves the incidences that arise. This reduces the number of incidences that reach the public administration from the service provider.

Efficient management of invoices

B2Brouter acts as a link between the management system of the public administration and the public network via which the invoices are received. B2Brouter receives and downloads all the invoices received to the organisation’s management system, ensuring that there are no problems or loss of information.

Verification of service providers

B2Brouter verifies the identity of all the companies that use the platform to send an electronic invoice. As a result, the public administration is protected, and attempts at fraud by senders are avoided.

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More use cases

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Large companies need to centralise the receipt of invoices from a large number of service providers and must provide different channels to do so.

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Reception via public networks

The public administrations must receive electronic invoices to comply with the legislation.

Receiving invoices

I need to invoice the public administration

Service providers of the public administration are obliged to send an electronic invoice.

Invoicing the administration

Invoicing and tax programme

Self-employed people and small companies need an efficient and simple management of their invoices.

Managing invoicing