How to send Peppol electronic invoices to Europe?

Current European regulations require public administration suppliers to use electronic invoicing in order to invoice the goods or services provided. In addition, this is also gradually happening for transactions between private companies.


Electronic invoicing regulations in Europe

Electronic invoicing in Europe is mandatory in many cases, but this can be different depending on the type of recipient (public or private) and the regulations of the country. For example, in Italy all companies must be able to receive electronic invoices, but there are other countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden or Germany, where only the use of electronic invoicing is mandatory for sending to public entities.

Different electronic invoice formats depending on the receiving country

The structured format of the electronic invoice in Europe may be different in each country. There are also similar formats but with different specifications, depending on the country or recipient. For example, in Spain, the electronic invoice format is Facturae, in other countries the UBL format is used with the recipient’s own specifications and in Germany formats such as Xrechnung or Zugferd are used.

Multiple networks for sending electronic invoices to Europe

Each recipient can request the sending of the electronic invoice through the network specified in their country’s regulations. Even in the same country, there may be several networks depending on the region where the receiver is located. One of the most used networks is Peppol, through which many European public entities, such as Belgium and Sweden, receive their services. Other countries, such as Spain, have multiple networks like FACe, eFACT or PUEF.

Routing codes and other required data

To send an electronic invoice to Europe, it must contain certain essential information in order to be recognized as a valid invoice (recipient identifier, taxes, lines, etc). In addition, the e-invoice may need to contain certain routing codes, which ensure that the invoice reaches the recipient and which may vary depending on the recipient and/or the country to which it belongs. An example is the Peppol Id (Peppol network), DIR3 codes (Spain), service code (France), among others.


B2Brouter is an online solution specialized in the exchange of electronic documents between private and public companies, worldwide. One of its specialties is the sending of electronic invoices, complying with local European and global requirements and regulations. In addition, it is a peppol Certified Access Point.

Complies with European e-invoicing regulations through Peppol

B2Brouter allows you to easily comply with the regulations and standards of each country. It is one of the first certified Peppol access points, with more than 10 years of experience and the capacity to comply with the regulations of EU countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Italy, among others, as well as others such as New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Complies with the standards and formats of each country

With B2Brouter it is easy to comply with local standards and formats, required by the regulations of each country. You only need to create the invoice and the system takes care of converting it into the correct format, complying with the specifications of each country or receiver.

You can send electronic invoices to Europe, in formats such as Facturae, UBL, UBL ChorusPro, Xrechnung, Zugferd, FatturaPA, etc.

Send electronic invoices to all your European customers

B2Brouter is an open platform, connected to public networks all over Europe. As a result, companies can send electronic invoice to European countries such as Spain (through FACe, eFACT, PUEF, etc.), France (through ChorusPro), Belgium, Sweden or Germany (through Peppol) among others. In addition, it is also possible to send electronic invoice to other non-European countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. All this from a single platform.

Easy to obtain mandatory data and routing codes

B2Brouter has a directory of verified companies, with the data of companies from all over Europe. Thanks to this directory, you only need to fill in your customer’s identifier and the platform will provide you with essential data such as tax data or routing codes for each case (DIR3, Peppol Id, service code, etc).

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More use cases

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Suppliers of European public entities are obliged to send electronic invoice even if they are cross-border issuers. Generally through Peppol.

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Unification of the receipt of invoices

Large companies need to centralise the receipt of invoices from a large number of service providers and must provide different channels to do so.

Receiving invoices

Reception via public networks

The public administrations must receive electronic invoices to comply with the legislation.

Receiving invoices

I need to invoice the public administration

Service providers of the public administration are obliged to send an electronic invoice.

Invoicing the administration

Invoicing and tax programme

Self-employed people and small companies need an efficient and simple management of their invoices.

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