Make the most of electronic invoicing

B2Brouter is an online platform that allows you to send electronic invoices to the public administration and many other things: Automatic invoice creation, reception and sending of status change notifications, quote management, document reception, multi-user, connection with the European public administration, credit note creation, etc… These are some of the functionalities that can help you to improve the electronic invoicing process.

Work from a single platform

B2Brouter allows you to send electronic invoices to the European public administration and to private companies through various channels (Peppol, FACe, FACeB2B, email, etc) and using different formats (UBL, Facturae, PDF). The same applies to the invoice reception. Therefore, you can unify all the invoices sent and received, as well as other documents, in B2Brouter, without the need of using different platforms or systems:

Electronic invoicing for public and private clients

B2Brouter is a platform that is connected to almost all public administrations in Europe (Peppol, Mercurius, Chorus Pro, FACe, eFact, etc). Not only can you send your electronic invoices to public clients, you can also send them to private companies using international networks such as Peppol, FACeB2B or other options as email with the invoice attached in different formats (Facturae, UBL, PDF).

Some private networks with which B2Brouter is connected are Pagero, Seres, Banc Sabadell, etc.

Invoice reception using B2Brouter

You can also receive invoices on the platform. As it happens with the sent invoices, you can register the received invoices using different methods:

  1. Import invoices in different formats such as UBL, UBL (XML) or PDF.
  2. Receive invoices from a B2Brouter user.
  3. Through e-mail.
  4. Through networks such as FACeB2B o Peppol.
  5. You can integrate your accounting system with B2Brouter.

Check how to register your received invoices in B2Brouter.


Create and send quotes to your customers via email. You only have to fill in the form with the specific data (receiver, lines, taxes, payment method, etc). In addition, once the quote is accepted you can turn it into invoice. Consequently, the invoice will be generated automatically using the data in the quote. This process allows you to minimize time and effort, as well as reduce errors.

Other documents reception

The Peppol international network allows you to receive other kind of electronic documents such as orders. Using B2Brouter, you can receive, accept, modify or reject the order to keep your customer updated. In addition, as it happens with the quotes, you can create the invoice from the order using the data provided in it.

Avoid creating invoices manually

Upload to B2Brouter the invoice you have already created in your invoicing system. Consequently, the invoice will automatically appear in your account and you will not need to manually introduce the data to create it. There are different options:

  • Import an invoice within your B2Brouter account.
  • Import multiple invoices at once within your B2Brouter account.
  • Integrate your management system with B2Brouter and import several invoices at once within your system. This can be done in different formats.

In addition, you can configure the system to automatically send the invoice immediately after uploading it in B2Brouter.

Receive notifications

B2Brouter informs you about status changes. Consequently, when your invoices are registered, the system informs you. Even if they are rejected. In this case, you will also know the reason if your customer provides it.

Furthermore, you can configure the platform to send you an email every time your invoice status changes. This way, you are always informed without having to access to your account to check the invoices.

Other functionalities

B2Brouter is a platform that has many functionalities. Some of the most useful ones are:

Attach documents

You can attach documents to the invoices. Such as orders, quotes, delivery notes or whatever you need to attach. Your client will receive it together with the invoice. The platform allows you to attach various formats (PDF, xlsx, txt, etc).

Different users

Add several users. Consequently, different people can manage your company’s account. In addition, you can assign roles to each user (owner, view and edit, only edit) and the system will inform you about which user has managed the invoice.

Credit notes

The platform all allows you to create credit notes. Consequently, you can modify invoices that have already been registered. All without having to contact your client and asking him to reject the invoice.

Access to invoices

Although B2Brouter has a completely free plan, it has some limitations. One of them is that after 3 months from the invoice creation, the user loses access to the document. This means that you cannot view, modify or resend that invoice. If you sign up for one of the Premium Plans, you will have access to your invoices for 5 years. Therefore, you will be able to manage them whenever you need to.


B2Brouter provides support to all our users to help them use our platform and solve errors, rejections or problems that may arise during the process.

As you can see, B2Brouter offers you plenty of possibilities. If you have questions, want to know more about the platform or how it can help you with your invoicing, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with more information.

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