B2Brouter gives you the possibility to attach a document in your invoice. This functionality is only available for clients that have signed up for a Premium Plan. The attached documents can weigh up to 50 MB, nevertheless, the size and format of the file may vary depending on the channel you use to send the invoice.

We explain you the requirements of the most common entry points:

How to attach a document?

In order to attach a document you need to edit or create an invoice.

Once you are inside the invoice creator form, on the left side of it, you can see a sub-menu with different invoice points. Access to the point 5. Additional documents.

Click on the “Upload file” button that you can find in the point 5.Additional documents.

As a result, the system will allow you to search the document on your computer. Select the document and wait until it uploads correctly. Take into account that for different reason, some documents need more time to be upload than others. If you click on the “Save” button before it completely uploads, the document may not be attached correctly.

Finally, click on the “Save and preview” button, located in the right inferior part of the form, in order to save changes.

After saving changes and opening the invoice, you would be able to see the attached document. It is illustrated with a blue link, located in the inferior left part of the invoice.