Unify the einvoice reception with B2Brouter. B2Brouter allows you to collect, digitalize and store your suppliers’ einvoices in a secure way. This way you save time and do not have to receive paper invoices anymore.

There are different ways to receive invoices using B2Brouter:

Included in hte basic plan:

Import invoices manually by uploading an XML (Facturae/UBL) or PDF file

  • If you upload an einvoice file in XML invoice format, all data will be imported.
  • If you upload an einvoice file in PDF format, you will have the option to recognize part of the imported invoice text. The text recognition system will search in the invoice the following data: Customer, Invoice number, Invoice and due dates, Subtotal, Taxes and Total. The recognition system learns and improves over time as you import invoices.

Invite your suppliers to B2Brouter

If your suppliers use B2Brouter, you will be able to receive the invoices easily, without the need to import them manually and in an electronic XML invoice format to avoid losing any data:

  • Invite your suppliers to use B2Brouter for free in order to send you invoices, therefore, you will receive the invoices in B2Brouter.
  • B2Brouter allows you to accept or reject invoices and to communicate with your supplier via the invoice itself. This allows you to report the reason in case of rejection or comment on any other issue related to the invoice.

Methods for premium plans:

Receive by e-mail with invoice file attach

  • Using B2Brouter, you have an e-mail address available to receive invoices from any supplier: yourID@b2brouter.email (e.g.: ES37898765G@b2brouter.email). Make sure you introduce the same ID used in your B2Brouter account, including the country code, if available.
  • Your supplier must send you the invoice attached file in XML (Facturae/UBL) or PDF to that e-mail. Therefore, you will receive the invoices directly in your B2Brouter account, with no further action required.

Use a public or private document exchange network (Peppol, FACeB2B, etc)

Another option to receive invoices is through networks such as the international electronic document exchange network, PEPPOL or FACeB2B (Spanish Entry Point).

  • Peppol: Activate the einvoice reception functionality of your peppol connection in the company account settings.
  • You can also receive other types of documents such as purchase orders, through PEPPOL

Once the configuration is completed, you have to inform your suppliers in order to receive the invoices through the chosen network. You can also offer them the possibility of using the free B2Brouter plan to facilitate the sending of invoices.

Itegrate B2Brouter with your ERP system to synchronize your invoices

Automatic invoice reception by integrating B2Brouter with your ERP management system.

    • Receive invoices in your ERP without logging into your B2Brouter account.
    • Massive downloading of Documents.
    • Integration via connector, Web Service or API.
    • Some management systems allow the sending of status changes. If not, you can do it through B2Brouter.
    • Receives documents through private networks (Pagero, Seres, etc).

Sign up for free in B2Brouter and test our invoice reception options.