B2Brouter integrates with Sage X3!

From B2Brouter we have developed a new connector: B2Bconnector for Sage X3. Now you can connect Sage X3 with B2Brouter. The connector allows you to automate all the process of sending of electronic invoices to public administrations (Spanish and European), private companies and FACeB2B.

Thanks to the integration with B2Brouter you only have to create the invoice in Sage X3 and it will be automatically sent to public customers, through B2Brouter, that will be in charge to direct the documents to the General Points of Entrance (FACe, eFact, FACeB2B, etc), depending where the receiver is connected at.

Besides, the portal also allows you automate the issuing of invoices to private companies through email and to the European public administrations through the international network of documents exchange, Peppol.

The integration between Sage X3 and B2Brouter is carried out using a connection via API. This means that you do not need to install any application, neither implement complex developments in your system. Besides, this type of connection guarantees you that the exchange of information and data is produced in a safe environment.

Another advantage of the B2Bconnector for SageX3 is that it allows you to receive the status of the changes. As a consequence, B2Brouter will receive the changes of status of the invoices that have been sent, will process them and will send them to your ERP Sage X3, allowing you to know when your bills have been registered, refused or paid.

Thanks to the B2Bconnector for Sage X3 you will be able to make all this management without needing to access your account of B2Brouter. Everything directly from your system.

Connect with the public administration from a same platform

Through B2Brouter you can send electronic invoices to:

  • Spanish Public Administration (FACe, eFACT, etc).
  • Chorus Pro (France).
  • Mercurius (Belgium).
  • Peppol (Europe, Australia, New Zealand).
  • Others.

As you see, with the integration with B2Brouter you can improve the management of your electronic invoices, reduce time and costs and connect you with the Spanish and European public administration from a single platform. It complements Sage X3 with B2Brouter: skilled portal in electronic invoicing.

Request more information about the B2Bconnector for Sage X3 and automate electronic invoicing.