Reception of e-invoices via Peppol network from different service providers

Companies that manage a large number of incoming invoices should centralise the reception and use a method that makes the management of information and the control of payments easier. In addition, a procedure that is useful and easy for suppliers should be used. A possible option is to receive electronic invoices via Peppol, working with an open service provider that is accessible to both the sender and the receiver.


Imposing a complex reception method for all service providers

When companies have to receive invoices from their suppliers, it is important to use a single method of reception for all their suppliers (for example, Peppol). The same works for the format of invoices (for example, UBL). This is necessary for a smooth handling by the receiver.

If incoming invoices cannot be managed using a single method of receipt and a single format, both sender and receiver must have solutions that enable them to manage these processes with the least possible stress and in the simplest possible way.

Breach of business rules

One of the most common problems is receiving invoices with incorrect data or lack of information which is necessary for the recipient to process those invoices.

When these business rules are not followed, the receiver has issues in accounting for the invoices, is late with the payment and this can deteriorate the relationship with its suppliers. In addition, this can also affect cash control and tax reports.

Communication problems with service poviders

The receipt of incorrect invoices makes communication between the issuer and the supplier agile, simple and fast.

Many times this is not the case, as the receiver needs to contact the sender by phone, email or other channels that slow down invoice tracking and the resolution of errors.

Increase in number of issues

When a large receiver asks their service provider to manage the issues using new tools or processes which they are not used to, there is an increase in the number of issues and this puts the administration department under pressure.

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B2Brouter is a cloud-based invoicing platform, specialised in the exchange of electronic documents (for example UBL), which can connect with the management systems of large recipients to facilitate the management of the invoices received and to provide their service providers with a simple tool for sending.

Connecting businesses through the Peppol network

Peppol is an open network that allows customers and suppliers to connect for the exchange of e-invoices. It also uses a common invoice format, the UBL format. Thanks to Peppol, businesses can manage invoices received from all their suppliers in a simple, agile, and standardized way.

B2Brouter is a certified Peppol Access Point that allows businesses to receive invoices from all their suppliers through this environment. Additionally, the invoice recipient can grant access to their suppliers to the Peppol environment, so that they can send them electronic invoices for free.

Besides, B2Brouter is a tool that is easy to use, so the start-up process for the supplier is always facilitated.

Finally, in case you do not want to receive all invoices via Peppol, the solution allows you to use different reception methods in order to manage all supplier invoices.

Complies with business rules, exchanging method, invoice format and the Peppol ID.

B2Brouter has a verified directory of businesses. This allows:

  • For the receiver, to configure business rules: The receiver decides the mandatory data that invoices must contain. If they do not contain some of this data, the system automatically rejects them, indicating the reason.
  • For the sender: B2Brouter’s directory automatically provides the Peppol identifier and the tax data of its customer. This ensures the correct transmission of the invoice, in addition to the shipping method and the invoice format.

E-invoice status changes through the Peppol environment

Peppol allows for the exchange of invoice statuses. This allows for agile communication between the sender and receiver of exchanged electronic invoices.

B2Brouter permit for the exchange of statuses through Peppol. The recipient of the electronic invoice can send a status change to the receiver, also indicating a reason. The receiver receives the status change in the invoice itself. This status change is always delivered.

Issue resolution and support for sender and receiver

Electronic invoicing processes through Peppol are relatively new processes for businesses. This implies a change in the way of working and increases daily issues.

B2Brouter has a specialized team and a customer service department that accompanies businesses on a daily basis and helps them in the processes of exchanging electronic invoices.

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More use cases

I need to send Peppol e-invoices to Australia

As in New Zealand, the Australian government encourages its suppliers to use e-invoicing. Therefore, in order to send e-invoices to Australia you must use Peppol e-invoices. If you want, you can also use this network for your private customers.

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Unifying the reception of e-invoices via the Peppol network

Big companies need to centralise the reception of electronic invoices from a large number of suppliers. An efficient way of doing this is to receive e-invoices via the Peppol network, which facilitates the management and control for companies.

Receiving invoices via the Peppol network

Automate e-invoicing with the implementation of Peppol integration

The implementation of the Peppol integration allows companies to automate the sending of electronic invoices. It is perfect for companies that have to manage large volumes of invoices, as they can work directly from their management system and send invoices via the Peppol network.

Why do Peppol integration?

I need to e-invoice to NZ public receivers

It is recommended to send e-invoices to New Zealand public receivers. The implementation of electronic invoicing is being carried out through the Peppol network and the UBL format.

Send e-invoices through Peppol

Invoicing and tax programme

Freelancers and small companies need an efficient and simple way to manage their invoices.

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