B2BRouter is a portal to send and receive electronic invoices. It also provides other functionalities related to the billing process and the management of payments and collections or direct connections to B2B platforms of Governments. Everything from the cloud without downloading applications.

Which B2BRouter services are free of charge?

It's free to send and receive invoices in XML or PDF format by email and applying a delegated digital signature (if required). There are other services that can be purchased to send invoices to PEPPOL, to safely store your invoices, import files, use your own digital certificate (if required), ... . See PLANS for more information.

How to start?

Before you start using, you need to register and accept the legal terms and conditions of use. You will then receive an email with a link to activate your account. You must click the link to activate your account. If you do not receive the email look in your SPAM folder or contact us at If you have specific questions regarding the Health Supplier Plan, please contact us at

Where are my invoices?

Data is stored on Invinet's servers and is only available to users linked to the account. Electronic invoices issued and received are available for at least one year for free. Keeping information longer (to meet legal requirements) is a service that can be purchased separately. See PLANS.

What is a digital signature and a delegated signature?

A digital signature is information added to an electronic invoice that ensures that the biller is who they claim to be, and that no one has changed the content of the invoice since it was issued. To generate this information, we use a digital certificate.

The delegated signature means using Invinet's digital certificate for signing instead of using the certificate from your own company. provides the delegated signature mechanism for free. You can also subscribe for an specific plant to use your own certificate. See PLANS.

Is it mandatory to digitally sign an invoice?

No. It is permitted to send an unsigned PDF by email if you can create a reliable audit trail to establish a connection between the invoice and the delivery of goods or provision of services. To save you having to perform these checks, sends invoices using a delegated electronic signature.

Who is responsible for the contents of the invoice?

In all cases, and even using delegated a signature, the biller is responsible for the content of the invoice.

What are the terms and conditions of use of the portal?

They are detailed here and must be explicitly accepted by the user when registering as a user in the portal.


What is a plan?

Plans are value-added services to meet user needs beyond sending and receiving an electronic invoice. Besides PROFESSIONAL and BUSINESS plans, you can purchase professional plans for pecific activities (e.g. accountants).

What differences exist among plans?

There are three basic plans: FREE, PROFESSIONAL and BUSINESS. They share basic features, although payment plans are intended to meet the needs of a freelancer or a company with more than one user and more requirements.

How to sign up for a plan?

Each page in the portal has a link to the PLANS page. In the PLANS page you can access detailed information. Just choose the plan that best suits your needs and subscribe. Registration is required to subscribe to a PLAN.

How to upgrade my plan?

From the PLANS page you can upgrade your plan to PROFESSIONAL or BUSINESS.

How to cancel a plan?

To cancel a plan, you must contact us via email Cancellations or changes, as indicated in the contract of use of the website, do not imply refund of fees paid, whether monthly or yearly.


How do I register?

In the main page you will find the SIGN IN button. Click and introduce the requested information. After submitting the form you will receive an email with a link that you will have to click in order to activate your account. Then you can access the site with the LOG IN button. It is required to click on the activation link to activate your account. If you do not receive the activation mail, please look at the SPAM folder or contact us at

When is my account activated?

When you click the activation link in the email that you receive after registration. It is required to click the link to activate your account.

What if I do not remember the username?

You can look for the activation email address. Your username is there. If you do not find the email, contact us at

What if I do not remember the password?

In the LOG IN follow the link "Forgot your password?" and indicate the email you used in the registration process. We will send you a new password.

How can I change my password?

Go to MY ACCOUNT, there is an option to change the password there.

How do I sign-off?

In MY ACCOUNT there is a link to REMOVE MY ACCOUNT. When you remove your account, you will receive and email to confirm your sign-off. WARNING: If you remove your account, you will lose all data associated with it.


How do I create my own company details?

The first time you connect to the portal you record the main details of your company. In the following links from the main menu section COMPANIES you can access MY COMPANY to complete and update the information.

How do I upload my logo?

From the main menu section COMPANIES, access MY COMPANY. On that page, you can select and upload a file containing the logo of your company. That image will appear on the front of your invoice.

How to create customers and suppliers?

In section COMPANIES there is an option called NEW COMPANY. The form to create a company is the same for customers and suppliers.

What is the preferred format and invoice transport?

This data should only be recorded when you create a CUSTOMER. The format indicates the characteristics and presentation of invoice data. The most common are PDF, XML (facturae, UBL, ..). Transport indicates the delivery mechanism of invoices (email, ftp, ...). The list of transport and formats varies depending on the subscribed PLAN.

What does it mean link to a company?

It means creating a link as a supplier or as a customer with a company that already exists in the portal and with a public profile. From that link, you have access to data and payment methods defined by the company itself. When you create a new company, if the system detects that it already exists and that its profile is public, the portal will automatically create the link.

Is there a relationship between payment means and bank details?

When creating new companies, when the payment type is funds transfer, you have to enter your own company bank details, if it is direct debit, you must enter bank details of your customer.

What about the company's language?

To submit invoices to this customer in its own language.

Sent invoices

How to create a new invoice?

In the INVOICE section, there is a NEW button. Pressing the button displays the invoice creation form.

What payment method can I use?

In cash, direct debit, bank transfer. If you select bank transfer payment method for your invoice, you must have detailed information of your company bank account in MY ACCOUNT. If you use direct debit, you must inform your client's bank account in his record.

How to record a charge?

In the INVOICE form there are two fields that allow you to record a charge: the charge amount and the charge reason.

How can I add line level taxes?

In the INVOICE form there is a "tax per line" option. When pressing that option, there will appear a new tax field on each line of the invoice to report the specific tax per line.

How to specify withheld taxes?

In MY COMPANY you can create settings for all of the tax types used. You can add withheld taxes creating a new tax and setting the name and a negative percentage. For instance IRPF -21%.

What is a customer special invoice form?

Some companies have requested B2BRouter to create a special invoice form for their customers to send invoices fulfilling their special requirements (accounting costs, department lists, etc.). When a user creates an invoice for one of these companies, the invoice form has differences due to requirements of the receiver. This ensures that invoices issued from the portal to the receiver, will not be rejected because of lack of information or lack of important data. If you want your company to have a special form to receive invoices from your providers following your own requirements, please contact

How to send an invoice?

Once created and correct, click on the SEND button. The invoice will be sent through the channel using the format specified in the COMPANY record, transparently. If you want to send the invoice by snail mail, download a PDF, print the invoice and you can send it through postal mail.

How to correct an invoice?

If you have not sent it yet, go to the INVOICE section and select and edit the invoice. If you have sent the invoice, you can select CREATE CORRECTIVE INVOICE option. The portal will create a new invoice with the original data, with the same invoice number plus "-R". You can edit and correct the data of this invoice. In the invoice list, the original invoice appears marked.

What information can you see in the invoice log?

The invoice log contains all actions done with the invoice (Create, Edit, Sent, …) and links to documents such as the original invoice and the invoice acknowledgement document. From the invoice log, the SENT record has a link called "download legal invoice". This link allows you to download the signed XML or PDF file as it was received by the recipient.

What is a recurring invoice?

It is an invoice that has to be sent periodically. To ease the repetitive work, you can create a recurring invoice to indicate the sending frequency. Based on the indicated date, the invoice can be generated from the recurring invoices automatically.

Received invoices

How to receive invoices?

With the registration you will be issued with an email addres with your Tax ID. Your providers can send you invoices to this account [vatid] To access these invoices, click on the RECEIVED INVOICES option and you will find the list of invoices received through electronic mail. If you want to use other reception mechanisms or your own electronic address, see PLANS.

How to accept or reject a received invoice?

From the list of received invoices you can select an invoice and accept or reject it. You can also add a note that will be sent back to the invoice submitter.

What information gets captured from a received PDF?

Invoices received in PDF format are scanned in the portal and header information is captured. Sender, dates and amounts are reported so the user can edit and correct if needed.


How to set a sent invoice as paid?

In the section PAYMENT there is the option NEW PAYMENT where you can select your invoices and report their full or partial payment.

How to automatically reconcile invoices?

You must download your bank transactions file from your bank site. You can import this file from the option PAYMENTS automatically and the system will perform a reconciliation. As a result of this action some invoices will change their status.

How to set a received invoice as paid?

In the section PAYMENT there is the option NEW PAYMENT where you can select your received invoices and report their full or partial payment.


Who can request support?

Anyone registered on the site can request support from B2BRouter technical team. Support is provided via email and can be requested through the SUPPORT section of the application or while creating an invoice, clicking the menu option "Report a problem with this invoice"

What topics can I request support for?

On any technical or content related topic exclusively related to the portal

How do you track an issue?

From the SUPPORT section you can list and know the status of all issues reported.