Automation of e-invoicing processes with Peppol integration

Companies with large volumes of turnover want to avoid duplication of work and human errors when transferring data. They can avoid this by integrating with Peppol, which allows them to work from their management system and convert electronic invoices to send them via Peppol or other networks.


Large number of invoices to be processed

When a company needs to manage a high volume of electronic invoices, it needs to work with another tool, as its management systems or ERP cannot connect to the Peppol environment.

In these cases, companies have to manage the invoices from their ERP (to register the invoice) and then work with another tool that allows them to generate the structured electronic invoice file (for example UBL) and which is also connected to Peppol to be able to transmit the invoice via this network.

This risks wasting too much time and generating errors in the documents by having to enter the data manually.

Difficult connection with Peppol

Although some managing or ERP systems may have a Peppol Certified Access Point, this is not common.

Manager or ERP systems are highly recommended for the day-to-day management of the company, but they have many shortcomings when it comes to the management of structured formats, connection to public networks such as Peppol, etc. In short, they are not experts in the exchange of electronic documents.

Impossibility to generate electronic formats such as UBL

Some ERP or management systems can generate electronic formats like UBL. In these cases, the problem remains the connection to Peppol or other public networks. Another important issue is that these electronic invoice formats are usually updated over time.

There are other systems that only allow the creation of structured formats such as .CSV or similar, which are not accepted by the receivers.

Not only sending, but also receiving

The problem in managing a large number of invoices is not only for the issuing. Electronic invoicing processes are very efficient for companies, and some of them may also need to manage the receipt of supplier invoices.

Receiving invoices via Peppol

Connecting ERP to the Peppol environment

Each company, ERP or management system has its own processes and characteristics. This means that in each case there may be different needs or connection capabilities that cannot always be met in the best way by ERPs, service providers, etc.

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B2Brouter is an e-invoicing cloud solution that allows you to integrate your management system or ERP with Peppol.

Peppol implementation in your e-invoicing processes

Implementing Peppol in your electronic invoicing processes allows you to digitize your processes.

If you have a large billing volume, you can integrate your billing system with B2Brouter. This allows you to generate invoices from your system and massively and automatically send them to B2Brouter. B2Brouter then takes care of transforming the invoices into the correct format for the receiver (e.g. UBL) and connecting to the network through which your customer wants to receive the invoices. One option could be through Peppol.

This way you generate the invoices only once from your system, automate the transformation and sending and forget about these technical and difficult processes.

API integration for e-invoicing with a Peppol Access Point

By integrating your management system with B2Brouter (Peppol Certified Access Point) you also connect to Peppol. This connection is always updated to new technical and regulatory changes.

Moreover, you cannot only connect to Peppol, but also connect to other companies, systems or networks at an international level with a single connection.

Work with UBL and other formats

To import invoices from your management system to B2Brouter, you can use different formats: UBL, json, CSV, etc. In this way, B2Brouter adapts to the maximum to the capabilities of your management system, facilitating the integration.

Not only for importing. You can also send your electronic invoices to your customers in different international structured formats and in PDF.

Send and receive via Peppol and other methods

Send and receive electronic invoices through Peppol or other international methods or networks. For example e-mail.

Whatever you do, B2Brouter exchanges invoices with your management system so you can manage them directly from there.

Safe Peppol integration through multiple connections

Connect your management system or ERP with B2Brouter and connect with Peppol.

B2Brouter adapts to the capabilities of your system, so you can integrate by connecting with a connector, via SFTP, with TechnologyOne ERP or even with an API connection.

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More use cases

I need to send Peppol e-invoices to New Zealand

As in Australia, the New Zealand government encourages its suppliers to use e-invoicing. Therefore, in order to send e-invoices to New Zealand you must use Peppol e-invoices. If you want, you can also use this network for your private customers.

How to send Peppol e-invoices to New Zealand?

Unifying the reception of e-invoices through Peppol network

Big companies need to centralise the reception of electronic invoices from a large number of suppliers. An efficient way of doing this is to receive e-invoices via the Peppol network, which facilitates the management and control for companies.

Receiving e-invoices through Peppol

Automate e-invoicing with the implementation of Peppol integration

The implementation of the Peppol integration allows companies to automate the sending of electronic invoices. It is perfect for companies that have to manage large volumes of invoices, as they can work directly from their management system and send invoices via the Peppol network.

Why do Peppol integration?

I need to send business to government e-invoices in Australia

It is recommended to send e-invoices to Australian government. The implementation of electronic invoicing is being carried out through the Peppol network and the UBL format.

Send e-invoices through Peppol