Be connected to the National Health Service

  • Send invoices through the PEPPOL Network
  • Receive orders from your NHS customers
  • Manage all your e-invoicing
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New B2BRouter App!

  • Your invoicing information at hand
  • Status changes notified instantly
  • Available for iOS and Android devices
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Improve efficiency with einvoicing

  • Create electronic invoices for your customers
  • Submit invoices by email for free or through PEPPOL with our Health Supplier plan
  • Receive online electronic invoices from your suppliers
  • Control your payments and cash flow and reconcile your invoices
  • Improve your business with our cloud-based solution
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An essential solution for small and medium companies and professionals

  • B2BRouter will become your invoicing scorecard
  • An economic solution to send electronic invoices to PEPPOL
  • Control your payments, cashflow and reconcile your invoices
  • A perfect solution in order to add value in your day-to-day operations
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Your cloud-based electronic service

  • A simple, efficient and secure solution
  • To create, manage, receive and submit your electronic invoices
  • According to international standards
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The eInvoicing solution

In 2015, electronic invoicing to Public Administrations will become mandatory in certain European countries. In 2016, the Department of Health of England is promoting its use among the NHS Suppliers.

B2BRouter is a solution that allows companies to send electronic documents through PEPPOL, the pan-European network mandated by the Department of Health of England and recommended in other public administrations in Europe.

It also allows you to create electronic invoices in several structured formats such as UBL, Svefaktura, OIOUBL, Facturae or GS1 and also non-structured formats such as PDF and submit them by email for free.

Online service with all advantages from a cloud-based solution

B2Brouter is a cloud-based application.

It backs up your information and automates the application updates.

No paper: save administrative time and money.

Custody of your electronic invoices.

Share your information with suppliers

B2BRouter will provide you with a platform to share your invoices and payments information with your providers in a synchronized way.

Simplify the overall invoicing process and easy access your staff.

Reduce handling costs, save paper, print and postal costs. Integrate your invoices in your accountant information system.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs Specific plans for professionals and companies

Pla Professional


Upgrade for professionals and small and medium companies with specific invoicing needs

  • Sign using your own certificate, if required
  • Import and export your invoices
  • Use several submission channels (mail, FTP, upload to our portal...)
  • Backup your invoices
  • Legal custody of invoices
Pla Health Supplier

Health Supplier

The plan for England
National Health Service suppliers

  • Send your invoices to the NHS England Hospitals through PEPPOL
  • Receive your orders from the NHS England Hospitals
  • Import the invoices you receive from PEPPOL directly
  • Manage all your customers and suppliers using e-invoicing
Pla Business


Plan for medium to large companies

  • Multiple admin users for your company
  • Sign your electronic invoices with your own digital certificate, if required
  • B2BRouter connects with your ERP to send and receive invoices
  • Also possible to receive scanned invoices from your suppliers, uses recognition OCR technologies and transforms them into electronic format
  • Expert support