Send an einvoice to Europe

Do you need to send invoices to the European public administration? In that case, you should know that you are required to send an electronic invoice through the international electronic document exchange network, Peppol. Each country may have certain requirements that you will have to comply with in order to be able to invoice correctly. It does not matter the issuing country, B2Brouter tells you how to easily send cross border electronic invoices to public administrations in different countries by using a single platform.

Send einvoices to Europe

An increasing number of European public administrations legally require their suppliers to issue electronic invoices. Consequently, even if you are a non-European company, you are forced to send electronic invoices to your public suppliers.

Sending electronic invoices between countries can be complex as it is mandatory to comply with some requirements:

  • Comply with the electronic invoice standard: Send an XML file (“UBL” type).
  • Send the invoice through the correct channel: Using the international document exchange network, Peppol.
  • Have a valid company identifier to invoice through Peppol (an example is the DUNS)

In addition, each country may have certain particularities or specifications of its own. For example, if you want to issue an electronic invoice to France, you must register and issue the invoice to the ChorusPro portal. In the case of Spain, although you can issue the invoice through Peppol, your supplier may ask you to send it through a General Entry Point such as FACe. The public administration of Flanders (Belgium) receives the invoices through a portal called Mercurius, which is also connected to Peppol. And if you need to send invoices to Italy, you can do it through the Peppol network or using the InvoicePA format if you operate through a fiscal representative. These are just some examples.

As you can see, even though the vast majority of European public administrations are connected to Peppol through its own portal that acts as an Access Point, issuing electronic invoices to Europe can be complex. The difficulty is even higher if you are a supplier of administrations from different states, since you will have to adapt to each country’s requirements.

Peppol network

As we have mentioned, Peppol is an international network for the exchange of electronic documents. It is acquiring a great importance in the European and worldwide electronic invoicing sector. It exchanges electronic documents through access points, following a common standard. A Peppol access point acts like an electronic mailbox, where documents are received from registered companies.

Most European public administrations receive electronic invoices through this network and countries such as Australia and New Zealand are also introducing Peppol as the electronic invoice network.

Peppol allows you to send or receive invoices, as well as other electronic documents such as orders or despatch advises. In addition, it does not only allow you to exchange documents with the public administration, but also with your customers or suppliers (private) from all over the world. They just need to be connected to Peppol. This helps you to improve the administration of electronic document exchange and the difficulties of doing it at international level.

B2Brouter as a certified Peppol Access Point

B2Brouter is an international e-invoicing provider. It is also a certified Peppol Access Point. This means that by using B2Brouter you can issue to and receive e-invoices from private companies all over the world, as well as from public administrations in Europe and more and more countries:


  • Spain.
  • Portugal.
  • France.
  • United Kingdom (NHS).
  • Belgium.
  • Italy.
  • Netherlands.
  • Germany.
  • Sweden.
  • Cyprus.
  • Croacia.
  • Other European administrations connected to the Peppol network.

Rest of the world:

  • Australia.
  • New Zealand.
  • Other administrations connected to the Peppol network.

Using B2Brouter, you can issue and receive electronic invoices, orders and despatch advises , all within a single platform. The program allows you to send invoices through different international and national channels (Peppol, ChorusPro, SDI, Mercurius, FACe, etc) or by email. You can also do it using different electronic formats (UBL, Facturae, FacturaPA, XRechnung, etc). You only have to create the invoice following a simple procedure, using a user-friendly interface. The system will send the invoice through the required channel by your client, taking into account the correct format. Everything is done automatically, with no need to worry about the technical difficulties of this process.

Furthermore, you can sign up in B2Brouter and send electronic invoices through Peppol or other networks, free of charge, with no limit on the invoice number or usage time.

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