Using B2Brouter, it is possible to send electronic invoices to the French public administration, which requires its suppliers to send their invoices through Chorus Pro. In order to be able to invoice through this platform, you need to follow some steps. We explain you these steps:

Create your company account in Chorus Pro

Access to Chorus Pro by clicking here.


Once you are inside the Chorus Pro webside, access to the section “New on Chorus Pro?“.


Fill in the boxes introducing your e-mail address and your company SIRET number.

Your company does not have a SIRET number?

If youfr company does not have a SIRET number, click on the link “I do not have SIRET number” and you will access to a different form.


Fill in the form introducing your data (e-mail address, name and surname).

On the right side, you will find a different section you need to fill in: My structure information. First of all, select the option that best suits your company from the drop-down “You are?


Once the option has been selected, a new form will appear. Fill in the form with the required data.

* If you need to introduce VAT number from a non-French company, you must introduce the country code before the provided data. This is an example for a Spanish NIF: ESG02999001.


Finally, click on the button “Validate“. Consequently, you will create your user account and access to the next step.

Activate you user account

In addition, you will receive an email notification to the email address provided when you registered. In this email,you will find a link to activate the account. Activate it:


The link will take you to a page where you have to create the password you want to use to access your Chorus Pro account. You also need to create a security question and answer. After intruding all the data, click on the button “Validate“.

Send your electronic invoices through Chorus Pro using B2Brouter

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the registration in Chorus Pro. You can now send electronic invoices to the French public administration.


Since B2Brouter is linked to Chorus Pro, you can manage your e-invoicing without having to log in to your Chorus Pro account. In B2Brouter you can create, send and store all the invoices you send to the French public administration. In addition, you will receive status changes related to your invoices and you can configure your B2Brouter account to receive email notifications every time a status changes.

Take into account that B2Brouter also allows you to send electronic invoices to other countries’ administrations, as well as to private recipients (Peppol, e-mail, General Points of Entry in Spain, Mercurius in Belgium and many more). Therefore, you can unify all your invoicing in a single program.