B2Brouter reaches 100,000 companies!

This year is our tenth anniversary and we celebrate that 100,000 companies trust us using our solutions to digitalize their processes. We are proud to reach this milestone keeping our original vision: to bring digitalization to everyone, whatever their sector or company size.

Barcelona, May 5th 2020 – Back in 2010 we created the B2Brouter portal as a tool to support SMEs when starting to do electronic invoicing. We envisaged a future requirement from several public entities in Europe mandating the reception of electronic invoices, and we thought that there were not enough tools to support small companies and sole workers to do the transition from the paper world to the electronic delivery of documents.

Most of these users did already print their invoices or created and send PDF files by email at that time, but moving to electronic invoicing meant something else. It was not only about not using paper, but about structured formats, specific requirements, or different delivery mechanisms. A nightmare for anyone trying to jump from the paper to the electronic world overnight.

Our goal when we created B2Brouter was to provide an easy-to-use and affordable tool supporting all types of businesses. From the huge electricity company willing to integrate its ERP system to the small flower-shop in the corner sending PDFs over the email. Everybody would need to get the perfect solution to solve its electronic invoicing problems.

After 5 years of fine-tuning the platform and with a very low number of users and invoices, in 2015 electronic invoicing to public entities became mandatory in Spain. As we anticipated, few tools were supporting the transition to digital, so the number of accounts created in the B2Brouter started growing exponentially. From the beginning, we decided to open the solution for everybody and to provide a completely free service so everyone was able to register and send their invoices to their customers without any cost.

B2Brouter vision: e-business everywhere

Our vision was to move towards a digitized society, with everybody doing electronic business, both sending and receiving, so we thought that everybody had to feel the benefits of going electronic. Faster invoicing, shorter payments, more transparency, and efficiency. And to taste its benefits, we thought it had to be free to start with.

From 2015 up to now, B2Brouter has been growing a lot, both in terms of users and in terms of functionality, but our vision and willingness to support every single business has not changed. B2Brouter now allows to send and receive electronic invoices, but also orders or despatch advice, and connects to the major ERP systems in the market. The rise of the standards such as the European Norm or the Peppol Network, and their adoption in several European countries (and now beyond Europe) has made it possible for us to expand our vision and our services to cover the whole of Europe.

So now B2Brouter is growing in other countries at the same pace it was growing in Spain in 2015.

The best news for me today is that we’ve got our 100.000 accounts, a new company willing to send free electronic invoices in Sweden!

Oriol Bausà

CEO B2Brouter