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Send e-invoices with no restrictions

Submit unlimited e-invoices from our online portal for free to all your customers. Get started quickly and easily.

Connect once to invoice all

Send to and receive from private and public networks, including PEPPOL, using a simple and intuitive user interface.

Become interoperable and boost your business

Reach all your business partners despite their preferred e-invoice format with a single solution.

Free e-invoicing to public sector. Become PEPPOL-ready

B2Brouter is a revolution in the electronic invoicing landscape to public entities. We run a certified PEPPOL Access Point with access to any connected public entity.

With B2Brouter, your invoices will be compliant with the European Norm EN-16931 and you will have no limits when sending them through the PEPPOL network for free.

Control the status of your invoices to streamline your processes and to avoid potential errors. Create invoices automatically or manually and simply send them to your public customer.

We are connected to the main national public networks such as FACe (Spain), Chorus (France) or NHS (England), as well as the pan-european PEPPOL network.

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We are B2B. Your suppliers are welcome.

B2Brouter is devoted to both buyers and suppliers and facilitate they work with Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable without obstacles.

Connect with all your suppliers from a single point through your preferred method (Web services, API, FTP, email) to receive and integrate your received invoices into your eInvoicing system.

Receive your supplier invoices in the format your system needs (EN-16931, UBL Facturae, FatturaPA, Svefaktura, and others CSV, EDI PDF…)

Provide free access to your suppliers through the free sending capabilities of the B2Brouter portal. You can adapt the form to implement your own business rules.

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Increase your business. Integrate your system.

Integrate your ERP with B2Brouter to maximize efficiency. No longer type your invoices twice. The invoices flow from your ERP directly towards its intended recipient. No manual work required.

Use our technical API to integrate your information systems with B2Brouter. It is easy to deploy and to test.

Reduce the time to handle your invoices and simplify your processes defining technical business rules.

Automatically convert your paper invoices to e-invoices in the preferred format of your business partners before being delivered. Everybody receives their expected invoices.

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