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Your easiest and cheapest choice to send e-invoices through PEPPOL

B2Brouter is the NHS Suppliers PEPPOL Access Point for electronic invoicing. We offer a solution for every supplier to go digital and connect to PEPPOL. Connect once and send your electronic invoices to all your buyers. Start with our unique solution today and jump into the B2B community, growing according with your needs.

Our PEPPOL service for NHS suppliers and buyers

Some service providers are trying to push the 3-corner model through these ideas...

We have the buyer and you must connect to our service

This idea is contrary to the principles of the PEPPOL network. Connecting to an AP you as a supplier can send everywhere in the network.

You need to perform additional and specific tests requirements from our buyer

Even if a buyer can require additional tests, the main tests defined and established by the Department of Health should suffice in most cases.

We are devoted to suppliers, we provide you the services that fit your needs…
...offering a solution that addresses the needs of the largest part of suppliers of the NHS buyers:
Think big

Using a scalable solution that complies with all the Department of Health requirements and that allows you to grow from a simple web-based tool to an integrated solution.

Start small

With the smallest fee online service you can start billing from the web to your buyers, forget about standards, we take care.

Scale fast

We grow with your business, the more you need to automate the better, we can provide you with all the tools you need to improve your business processes.

You will get electronic Orders from ANY of your buyers in the PEPPOL Network. This includes all the NHS Trusts that have adopted the Scan4Safety program. A unique entry point for all your Orders allows you to centralize all the Ordering management.

B2Brouter has a unique notification feature that will send you an email every time you receive a new Order. You will not miss a single business opportunity.

Most of the NHS Trusts need to receive an acknowledgment or even an acceptance of the Orders they have sent us.

B2Brouter allows to automatically send an Order Response as an acknowledgement or you can manually accept or reject a received Order.

The unique modification feature allows to change the delivery date or the quantities and reply back to the NHS Trust supporting an dialogue to improve the business process.

Even if the easiest way to create invoices is through the B2Brouter portal, the option to flip from an Order to the Invoice allows the supplier to create an invoice with a single click.

Once created, you can edit the invoice, adding taxes, charges, discounts or modifying quantities or dates.

To complete the process you can send the invoice through the PEPPOL network clicking just one button.

Connect once, reach all

Forget about connecting to all your buyers one by one, we take care of your connections, send everything from a single point.

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