Automatize the einvoicing using MS Dynamics 365 and B2Brouter

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with B2Brouter is now available to facilitate and automatize the entire process of creating, sending, registering and tracking the electronic invoice. Therefore, you will be able to manage all your electronic invoicing to the Spanish and European public administration. All this directly from your own program, without the need to access to your B2Brouter account. In addition, you will be able to receive and send status changes.

What is the integration of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central and B2Brouter?

The integration of Miscrosoft Dyncamics 365 with B2Brouter is a connection that allows both services to be connected via a connector. Therefore, you can use the functionalities of both platforms at the same time. As a result, you will have access to all the electronic invoice services offered by B2Brouter, using your Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This will allow you to easily manage all your electronic invoicing without having to modify your usual workflow.

How the integration between MS Dynamics 365 Business Central and B2Brouter works?

It is very easy, you only need to create an account in B2Brouter, register your company and sign up for the Enterprise Plan. Finally, you must download and configure the B2Brouter extension in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The configuration is simple, you only need to enter the credentials (e-mail and password) that you have provided when you created your B2Brouter account and you will be ready to start automatising your electronic invoicing.

You can continue using your Dynamics system as before. The only difference is that now you can also manage your electronic invoice without having to do any extra work:

  1. Register your public administration clients
  2. Create and save the electronic invoices as you do with the traditional invoices.
  3. Send the invoices to B2Brouter by clicking a button.
  4. Check the invoice status by clicking on a button.

Once the invoice has been sent to B2Brouter, B2Brouter is responsible for the rest:

  1. Turn the invoice into the format requested by the receiver.
  2. Sign the invoice, if required.
  3. It will send the invoice through the specific network that your client uses to receive the invoices. You do not have to make any extra configuration.
  4. Custody and storage of invoices.

All this is automatic and you do not have to worry about technical or complex aspects such as formats, electronic signatures or invoice delivery methods.

In addition, if you want you can also send electronic invoices to all your private sector clients.

Why integrate MS Dynamics 365 Business Central with B2Brouter?

Thanks to the integration of Microsoft Dynamics with B2Brouter you can accelerate and automatize the entire management process of your electronic invoicing. These are the differences between being integrated or not:

Electronic invoicing management without integration

Use an external tool

The first option is to use an external tool, connected to your clients, to create and send electronic invoices. This way, you double your workload, as you have to create and register the invoice in MS Dynamics 365 to carry out the daily management and you also have to create and send the invoice using the complementary tool.

Carry out manual management

Another option is to create the electronic invoice file using your MS Dynamics 365 system. This way, you obtain the correct invoice format, nevertheless, every time you need to send it, you must access to the General Entry Point website in which your client is registered and upload the invoice manually. This is a time-consuming and difficult process, and you cannot receive status changes. Consequently, you cannot know if your invoices have been accepted or rejected.

Electronic invoicing management with the integration of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central with B2Brouter

Thanks to the integration of MS Dynamics 365 with B2Brouter you can automate the whole process. As a result, you only need to use your invoicing program, as you usually do. The connector and B2Brouter take care of the rest:

Issuing invoices:

  • Create the invoice only once using your system.
  • Send the invoice via MS Dynamics 365 without having to configure the correct delivery method. B2Brouter is in charge of this.
  • Sign your invoices using a digital certificate.
  • Receive the status changes of your issued invoices, directly in your system.
  • Send electronic invoices all over the world because B2Brouter is connected to the main national and international networks.

Receiving invoices:

  • Receive your invoices directly in your MS Dynamics 365 system without having to do anything.
  • Receive via different channels according to the preferences of your suppliers.
  • Send status changes to your suppliers reporting that you accept, reject or pay the invoice.

In addition, a project manager will help you with the whole process and will provide you with assessment on all the aspects related to electronic invoicing and its processes.

Contact us and ask for more information about the integration of Micrososft Dynamics 365 with B2Brouter. Do not waste time with the electronic invoicing management.