How to create an XRechnung?

What is XRechnung?

XRechnung is an e-invoice format that is mandatory for invoicing most German government administrations. It ensures a uniform exchange of invoices between the invoicing company and the respective administrative body.
The baseline for XRechnung is provided by the European standard EN16931, which prescribes a clear structure of the invoice format. Thus, all relevant information of an invoice is transmitted to the recipient in a standardized way. The format consists of various data elements that are arranged in a defined structure and along business terms. These business terms include information such as the invoice issuer, the invoice recipient, the invoice date, the invoice number, the items and the total amount of the invoice.

The format XRechnung is now mandatory in many cases where companies invoice the German public administration. Other formats are often no longer accepted by the German government.

The introduction of the e-invoicing in Germany concept leads to a number of advantages:

With the e-invoicing format XRechnung, the processing becomes easier and errors are reduced. As a result, payments are processed quickly without long processing times. Thus, the supplier usually receives his money more quickly than with invoices that have to be checked and processed manually.

In short: create your XRechnung with B2Brouter for free

You can easily carry out the electronic data exchange of your invoices with German public administrations using B2Brouter. With B2Brouter, you can easily generate your invoices in the format XRechnung. The subsequent dispatch to the desired recipients via the Peppol network is also possible without any trouble. Within the platform, you willreceive a detailed overview of your sent invoices and their status. With B2Brouter, you will be able to manage your invoices and receive an easy-to-use tool for your entire business to government invoicing process.

As a domestic user, you do not have to opt for a paid plan to start with e-invoicing within your country – you can use our basic plan completely free of charge.

But that’s not all: with B2Brouter, you can also receive e-invoices yourself and thus bring order and structure to your own accounting and invoicing processes.

What is B2Brouter?

B2Brouter is the all-in-one solution for your digital invoicing you have been waiting for.

The B2Brouter platform offers the desired generation of invoicing formats like XRechnung, supporting invoicing to any public administration in Europe, and also offers the possibility for full integration into ERP-systems with the Enterprise plan. B2Brouter therewith support suppliers to digitalise their invoice processing with the public administration and beyond. In addition to the free domestic XRechnung generator, our premium packages allow you to generate cross border e-invoices worldwide in the required format. Based on the recipient, our software can recognise which format is required and generate the invoice accordingly. In this way, you can also send invoices to clients in Italy, Spain or many other EU countries that comply with the respective implementation of the EU Directive 2014/55/EU or other standards such as PEPPOL – the input form and interfaces remain identical.

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