What is Peppol PINT?

Peppol PINT, also known as Peppol International Invoice, is a new specification for electronic invoicing. It acts as an extension of the Peppol BIS 3.0 standard, which is based on the EU e-invoicing standard format.

How does Peppol PINT appear?

Until recently, the adaptation of this standard in the EU was straightforward. However, the adoption of Peppol has been increasing beyond the European borders, spreading to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan.

Due to differences in tax requirements compared to the EU, these countries have found it difficult to adopt the Peppol format for their international document transactions, thus leading to the need to create specific extensions in order to exchange electronic documents in a simpler way.

Main goals

The purpose of Peppol PINT is to facilitate the interoperable exchange of invoices in the Peppol Network worldwide, without the need for additional extensions. Peppol PINT is designed to work dynamically, enabling smooth and compliant exchanges regardless of the fiscal specifications of each country.

We could therefore say that the 4 main objectives of Peppol PINT are as follows:

  • Global exchange of electronic invoices and other documents.
  • Automatic processing of electronic invoices.
  • Support for local and global requirements.
  • Adaptability to new jurisdictions and regions.

How does it work?

When a company needs to create an international e-invoice, it must comply with two business rules: those of the sending country and those of the receiving country. As a European company, if you want to send an invoice to a non-EU country, you will have to comply with the business rules of both countries.

Benefits of implementing Peppol PINT

Thanks to the Peppol PINT format you can create invoices that comply with both business rules. This aspect opens up borders by complying with the requirements and standards of each country, thus facilitating the exchange of documents in companies all over the world and creating global business opportunities.

This international interoperability allows companies and governments to exchange documents efficiently. The Peppol network uses rigorous security protocols to ensure the security and privacy of the data exchanged, as well as facilitating a higher level of transparency and traceability of documents.

Use case

For example, you are a Spanish company that needs to send an electronic invoice to a public administration in a country outside the European Union, such as Singapore. Due to regulations or customer requirements, you need to send the electronic invoice in structured electronic format, through the network or the method required by the local regulations or the recipient, such as the Peppol network.


  • Processing the invoice via the Peppol network.
  • Generate the invoice in UBL format.
  • Include the routing code correctly (Peppol ID).
  • Comply with the standards and business rules of both sending and receiving countries.


  • Access the Peppol environment through a Peppol Certified Access Point.
  • Use a tool that allows you to easily generate the electronic invoice in the correct format (UBL).
  • Use a software with a directory with the enrolment codes that provides you with this information, without having to ask the customer for the data, and which also ensures that the invoice is sent to the customer.
  • Comply with the standards and business rules of both countries by generating the invoice in Peppol PINT format.

Easily manage your international electronic invoices.

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