B2Brouter's Partner Program

B2Brouter offers ICT companies a partner programme designed to provide its customers with a complete e-invoicing and e-document exchange solution, complying with country-specific regulations and standards.

Become a partner of B2Brouter

Why become a B2Brouter partner?

By partnering with B2Brouter, you can generate new business opportunities by offering your customers an integrated electronic invoicing solution that seamlessly integrates with their ERP systems and complies with the latest regulations.

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    Generate a new line of business

    Create a new, easy-to-sell business line in a growing market, driven by increasing regulatory requirements in many countries.

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    Comply with the regulations

    Help your customers comply with country-specific electronic invoicing regulations and standards.

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    Execute integration projects

    Easily implement integration projects, without requiring specialized resources or knowledge of standards or communications.

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    Provide a solution

    Provide your customers with a solution for electronic document exchange, both nationally and internationally.

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    Build customer loyalty

    By partnering with us, you can spend more time with your customers, knowing that you are providing them with a comprehensive solution that meets all of their needs.

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    Generate recurring income

    Use an economic model tu anticipate, secure, and build a sustainable business.

Benefit from a comprehensive solution

We are experts in open global networks, such as Peppol, and in standardized global and local formats that enable the exchange of electronic documents. We also understand the current and future needs of your customers through our participation in leading standards bodies.

  • Projects with agile solutions.

    Quickly and easily implement electronic invoicing, tax filing and electronic document exchange projects.

  • Commercial and marketing support

    Our sales and marketing team supports and helps to activate and increase your sales.

  • Specialized technical support

    Access to dedicated technical support to resolve any issues or questions related to service implementation, regulatory issues, or electronic invoicing processes.

  • Global interoperability

    B2Brouter connects your company and your customers' companies to national and international networks. This allows you to exchange electronic documents with public and private organizations from almost anywhere in the world.

What type of companies are B2Brouter’s partners?

What type of companies are B2Brouter’s partners?

Reseller Partner

ICT companies that sell and implement B2Brouter services to enable electronic invoicing for their customers.

Business Model

Generation of recurring revenues based on the marketing of B2Brouter services.


B2Brouter is certified with the ISO 27001 standard on information security management, certified as a Peppol Access Point Service Provider and a member of the EESPA.

Certified with ISO 27001 on information security management.

B2Brouter is certified as a Peppol Access Point provider.

B2Brouter is a member of the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association.

Electronic invoice provider certified by the Spanish Ministry of Economy.

B2Brouter services

B2Brouter is a cloud solution that helps you send and receive electronic documents, such as electronic invoices, tax returns or purchase orders in the right format, over the network of your choice.

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Service that allows the mass issuance and reception of electronic invoices and other documents in an automated manner, through public and private networks.

eTax reporting

Service that allows you to collect the information necessary for filing a tax return and send it through the established electronic channel.

How to integrate with B2Brouter?

B2Brouter provides integration solutions for exchanging, validating, signing, converting, sending and receiving electronic invoices through various connection methods.

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B2Brouter API

API RESTful that makes it easy, secure, and fast to exchange documents in multiple formats.

SFTP connection and B2Bconnector

Connect your management system to B2Brouter using an SFTP communication protocol or a folder system installed on your system (B2Bconnector for Windows).

They are already B2Brouter partners

  • ASM
  • Brait
  • Concatel
  • Control Group
  • Cosmoconsult
  • Emiral
  • Goom
  • Infordisa
  • Rapsodoo
  • Ricopia
  • Saqqara
  • Shares
  • Sinfe
  • Solusoft

Do you want to become a B2Brouter partner?

We want to share the benefits of B2Brouter with you and your customers.

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