How to manage e-invoicing in Sweden? Definitive guide

Although e-invoicing is not yet very popular in the United States, many countries in the European Union are already using it. In this article we explain how e-invoicing works in Sweden, when it affects you and how to send an invoice easily.

First of all, it is essential for companies to choose a solution that meets the requirements and guarantees compliance with the different regulations. It is important to have an e-invoicing service provider that has experience in sending international invoices and that is responsible for delivering the invoice to the recipient in compliance with local standards and requirements.

Introduction to electronic invoicing in Sweden

Electronic invoicing in Sweden began in 2008 with mandatory electronic invoice usage for B2G transactions with central government authorities. This expanded in 2019 to embrace all public administrations and is preparing to enforce B2B e-invoicing in the future, as well as many other countries in Europe.

If you need to send an e-invoice to a public body in Sweden, you need to take into account several points in order to do it correctly, such as the structured format of the invoice or the method of sending it:

UBL electronic invoicing format

The UBL (Universal Business Language) format serves as a structured framework for electronic invoicing, aiming to standardize the presentation of business document data and facilitate its seamless exchange among organizations and enterprises. This format has gained international recognition as the go-to standard for electronic document exchange, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of business transactions, reducing errors, and fostering interoperability across diverse business systems and nations.

Within Europe, the UBL format finds extensive application in the realm of electronic invoicing and the exchange of business documents. The European Union has actively advocated the adoption of electronic invoices, particularly through the Peppol network, which promotes the seamless flow of electronic documents.

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Sending electronic invoices through Peppol

Peppol functions as a robust infrastructure dedicated to the secure exchange of electronic documents, while also providing robust support for the UBL format. This unique combination empowers companies to effortlessly generate invoices in the UBL format and transmit them securely through the Peppol network to their business associates and governmental bodies, ensuring a standardized and secure exchange.

The Peppol network plays a pivotal role in enhancing the reach and effectiveness of business operations within the European landscape. It simplifies complex processes such as electronic bidding and fosters seamless communication between enterprises and government entities. Across Europe and a growing number of countries worldwide, the harmonious synergy of UBL and Peppol has become a trusted solution, streamlining the exchange of electronic documents and fortifying essential business procedures.

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Peppol ID and other identifiers

The exchange of electronic invoices via Peppol always requires the identifier of the sender and the receiver. These identifiers act as invoice routers. In addition, only specific types of identifiers accepted by the Peppol network are allowed. This is a problem for US companies, as the Unites States is a country that has not yet joined the Peppol environment, so the network does not take local identifiers into account.

Despite this, there is a solution. US companies can register a generic organisation identifier that can be used in Peppol. Examples are DUNS, GLN or IBAN among others.

Process of sending an e-invoice to Sweden

Sending an electronic invoice from the United States to Sweden involves following certain steps to ensure that the process is smooth and complies with legal requirements. To send invoices via Peppol, it is necessary to register the company with a certified Peppol Access Point. For this reason, if this is your case, you need to use an electronic invoicing software that complies with Swedish and Peppol standards. This will ensure that the invoice is accepted and processed correctly by the Swedish tax authorities.

Legal and tax considerations

When sending electronic documents to Sweden, it is essential to comply with the legal and tax regulations of both countries. Sweden has specific requirements regarding the format and content of electronic invoices, so it is essential to ensure that the invoice meets these standards.

It is important to be aware of the tax laws of both countries to avoid future problems. It is advisable to consult an expert in international tax law to ensure that all relevant regulations are being followed.

Advantages of sending electronic invoices

Sending electronic invoices has numerous advantages compared to traditional invoicing methods. Firstly, it is much faster and more efficient, as it eliminates the need to print, mail and manually process invoices. This reduces operational costs and speeds up payment time. Especially in transactions between different countries.

In addition, electronic invoicing is more environmentally friendly, as it reduces paper consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting physical documents. It also facilitates the tracking and management of invoices, which helps to avoid errors and delays in the payment process.

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The process is remarkably straightforward: you simply complete a form to generate electronic invoices and send them to your customers with just a single click. Our system automatically converts the invoice into the precise format mandated by the recipient and navigates it through the appropriate network, sparing you any concerns about the technical intricacies involved in the process.

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