Reach NHS September e-invoice 30th deadline with B2Brouter

Due to the successful implementation of Peppol, it was decided in early March 2019 to move forward with the planned closure of all EDI messages and interfaces for NHS Supply Chain.

As of September 30th, all NHS suppliers  must be ready to electronically exchange their documents such as purchase orders, despatch advices and invoices with their suppliers using the PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online) network.

From 1st October 2019 NHS will only be supporting Peppol

NHS Supply Chain members must comply the deadline and be technologically prepared to follow the standards of the NHS eProcurement Strategy: GS1 (for product and location coding and data synchronisation for NHS providers’ Online Catalogues) and Peppol (for Purchase order module, despatch advice and invoicing messaging).

Since the implementation of this strategy in 2014, NHS Supply Chain members have had several years to prepare their systems for exchanging electronic documents: For example, they could do so via EDI format or via NHS Supply Chain platform. As September 30th 2019, these two options will no longer be valid. Only Peppol network will be valid for the exchange of electronic documents; therefore all NHS Suppliers will depend on a service provider with a certified PEPPOL Acces Point.

* Data Source: NHS eProcurement Startegy

B2Brouter is a certified Access Point since 2012 and allows NHS providers to:

  • Receive orders.
  • Respond to orders (send your supplier a response with the items you will accept to invoice).
  • Download labels for orders.
  • Convert the order into an electronic invoice.
  • Send the invoice through the correct channel (Peppol) in the established format (UBL).
  • Get specialized support on any questions you have.

Despatch Advice

To complete the entire process of the eProcurement Strategy for NHS Supply Chaun we have created a new functionality, Despatch Advice. It is a feature that allows you to send a confirmation of the shipment of a previously accepted order to notify your customer. How it works:

  1. Receive the order.
  2. Accept the order.
  3. Create Despatch Advice from the accepted order.
  4. Issue the Despatch Advice to your customer once you’ve sent him the corresponding order package.


Thanks to this functionality we close the whole process of exchanging electronic documents. Consequently, you can keep your customer informed about the status of their order. This information is shared real time as many times as needed.

In addition, you are will contributing with the enviroment by saving a big amount of paper, and also pushing your company towards digitalization.

B2Brouter and NHS

B2Brouter is an online platform that has been working with the majority of receivers of the National Health Service for several years. In recent months, we have tested all our new features to meet all needs of the eProcuremnt Strategy for NHS.

Due to using B2Brouter, you will be able to receive and issue documents with most of the organizations that belong to the NHS and that you will find in our database:

ELFS Group

  • Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
  • Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • London Ambulance Service
  • Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
  • South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • University Hospitals of North Midlands

NEP Group

  • Airedale NHS Foundation Trust – AGH Solutions Limited
  • Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Airedale NHS Fundation Trust
  • Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
  • Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust
  • Calderdale and Huddersfield Solutions Ltd
  • Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • City Health Care Partnership CIC
  • City Hospitals Independent Commercial Enterprises Ltd
  • Integrated Laboratory Solutions LLP
  • Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust
  • Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • NEASUS Ltd
  • NHFM Ltd (North Humbria)
  • North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • North East Ambulance Service NHS Fundation Trust
  • North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  • Northumberland, Tyne And Wear NHS Foundation Trust
  • Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • Northhumbria Primary Care Ltd
  • NTW Solutions LTD
  • Pennie Care NHS Foundation Trust
  • Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Liverpool And Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • South Tyneside Integrated Care
  • The Clatterbridge Cancer Center NHS Foundation Trust
  • The Clatterbridge Pharmacy Limited
  • UCLH NHS Foundation Trust
  • Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • York Teaching Hospitals NHS Fundation Trust
  • York Teaching Hospital Facilities Management LLP
  • Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Other NHS Trusts

  • Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

If you have to exchange documents with a hospital that is not on the list, you can also do it.

Please contact us for any further information you might need.