Do you have an ERP? Integrate electronic invoicing with your existing management system!

B2Bconnector prevents duplication, manual processing and errors.

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Integrate e-invoicing into your ERP

Save time and increase effectiveness by integrating B2Brouter with your ERP. No more needing to create invoices twice or worry about manual processing errors.

B2Brouter integration will allow you to automate the invoicing process; you will have complete control over the incidences and status of the invoices issued.

A complete solution that adapts easily to any management or ERP system

B2Bconnector allows you to connect your ERP system with B2Brouter, whichever provider you have in place.

B2Brouter has developed a series of connectors so that you can integrate your management system or ERP with our electronic invoicing solution seamlessly. Whether it is a third-party ERP or your own management system.

We have a wide range of integration solutions to suit your needs.

Handling your customer and supplier invoice formats will now be easier and hassle free!

I want more efficiency

Now you can define the format in which you want to send and receive your invoices, and B2Brouter will convert them when necessary.

B2Brouter's capability and experience in exchanging electronic documents in multiple formats (facturae, XML, PDF, UBL,CSV) and connecting with national and international channels (FACe, FACeB2B, eFACT, Peppol, Chorus Pro, Ariadne, SDI, EDI, Pagero, Indra...) will make your document management with customers and suppliers much easier. You will be able to convert the original format of your electronic invoices to the format you need automatically

Send and receive much more than electronic invoices through your ERP

Integrate my ERP

Manage other documents such as orders, delivery notes or tax forms.

Using B2Bconnector you can send and receive electronic invoices and other documents such as orders or tax forms through your ERP system, without the need for major implementation projects.

With our connectors you can increase your ERP functionalities and you can achieve integrated management of your electronic documents.

Manage status change notifications for your e-invoices in your ERP

Control your cash flow and speed up your company's payment deadlines!

B2Brouter's integration with your ERP will enable you to have comprehensive control over the issues and status of the issued invoices. Thanks to B2Brouter's technology you will receive information at any time about the status of the sent electronic invoices; also, you will be able to notify your suppliers about the status of the received invoices.

You won't be alone if you have any queries or issues!

We will always be available to solve your technical problems.

Enterprise customers have exclusive access to our tailored support service - you will benefit from having an assigned account manager for your company, who will provide you with a personal and individualised support service.No chatbots, no telephone switchboards.

Our main priority is to offer excellent customer support, as we believe it is essential to facilitate a seamless implementation of the electronic data exchange services, ensuring it is completed with ease and efficiency.

Some sample videos demonstrating our integration solutions: