How to send Peppol e-invoices to Australia?

Although Peppol e-invoices in Australia are not mandatory, the government recommends its use. Electronic invoicing is becoming more and more important worldwide, so the sooner you adapt your company the better. In this use case we explain how to do it in a simple way.


Peppol e-invoicing regulations in Australia

As mentioned above, electronic invoicing in Australia is not mandatory, but it is recommended. Choosing not to change the processes when it is not an obligation is normal, but apart from the multiple advantages that electronic invoicing has, it is becoming more and more established worldwide. As a consequence, it is only a matter of time before all companies end up using this type of procedure.

For this reason, it is important to start as soon as possible.

If you have European customers, they may be already requiring to receive e-invoices. Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries are also working to implement it.

Different e-invoicing formats depending on the receiving country

If you want to send an electronic invoice to Australia, you must do it in a specific format: UBL. This structure is the same as the one used in New Zealand. When talking about electronic invoices, PDF format is not taken into account as it is not considered as such.

Things get more complicated if you need to send e-invoices to other countries in Europe or Asia. Although in many cases the UBL format is also used, electronic invoices must be adapted to the local regulations of each country, so they might need some adjustments. In addition, there are some countries that use completely different formats than UBL.

Learn more about UBL format

Multiple networks for sending international e-invoices

To send invoices to Australia, the same electronic document exchange network is used as in New Zealand, specifically Peppol.

This makes working with electronic documents easier, since when sending e-invoices to international customers in Europe or Asia, in the majority of cases the exchange of these documents are also done through Peppol.

Besides this, you should keep in mind that when sending invoices through this network, you must be able to register your company in a certified Peppol Access Point, so you will probably need to have a digital partner that allows you to proceed.

It is also important to acknowledge that not all countries use Peppol, so if you are going to choose a service provider, you should look for one that is connected to as many networks as possible.

E-invoicing routing codes

When sending e-invoices through Peppol network (whether to New Zealand, Australia or any other country) it is required to inform the corresponding Peppol ID in the invoice. You will therefore need to know this information from your customer.

Please note that if you also want to issue invoices to other countries that are not in the Peppol environment, you may need other routing codes in order to be able to process the e-invoice correctly.


B2Brouter is an online solution specialized in the exchange of electronic documents between private and public companies, worldwide. One of its specialties is the sending of electronic invoices, complying with local and global requirements and regulations since it is a Peppol Certified Access Point.

Complies with Australian e-invoicing

With B2Brouter it is easy to comply with local standards and formats required by the regulations of Australia. You only need to create the invoice and the system takes care of converting it into the correct format, complying with the specifications.

You can also send e-invoices to Asia and Europe, complying with the local regulations of each region.

E-invoice in UBL and other structured formats

Easily generate your electronic invoices in the UBL format used in Australia and other regions of Europe and Asia.

But that’s not all, you can also generate invoices in structured formats other than UBL, which are used in other regions.

Send e-invoice to Australia and the rest of the world

B2Brouter is an open platform, connected to public networks all over the world. As a result, companies can send electronic invoices to Australia, Asia and the European countries. B2Brouter is a certified Peppol Access Point, so you can connect to all organizations in this environment.

In addition, it also connects to other types of networks and platforms, so you can connect virtually to every company in the world with the same solution.

Easy to obtain mandatory data and routing codes

B2Brouter has a directory of verified companies, with the data of companies from all over the world. Thanks to this directory, you only need to fill in your customer’s identifier and the platform will provide you with essential data such as fiscal data or routing codes like their Peppol ID and others.

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More use cases

I need to send Peppol e-invoices to Australia

As in New Zealand, the Australian government encourages its suppliers to use e-invoicing. Therefore, in order to send e-invoices to Australia you must use Peppol e-invoices. If you want, you can also use this network for your private customers.

How to send Peppol e-invoices to Australia?

Unifying the reception of e-invoices via the Peppol network

Big companies need to centralise the reception of electronic invoices from a large number of suppliers. An efficient way of doing this is to receive e-invoices via the Peppol network, which facilitates the management and control for companies.

Receiving invoices via the Peppol network

Automate e-invoicing with the implementation of Peppol integration

The implementation of the Peppol integration allows companies to automate the sending of electronic invoices. It is perfect for companies that have to manage large volumes of invoices, as they can work directly from their management system and send invoices via the Peppol network.

Why do Peppol integration?

I need to e-invoice to NZ public receivers

It is recommended to send e-invoices to New Zealand public receivers. The implementation of electronic invoicing is being carried out through the Peppol network and the UBL format.

Send e-invoices through Peppol

Invoicing and tax programme

Freelancers and small companies need an efficient and simple way to manage their invoices.

Managing invoicing