Simplify management with the integration of e-invoicing with your ERP

Do you want to manage electronic invoices from your system? Integrate your ERP with electronic invoicing easily thanks to B2Brouter. Send and receive electronic documents automatically and in bulk without leaving your management system.

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What is e-invoicing integration?

The integration with B2Brouter allows you to manage the issuing or receiving of electronic invoices without having to access B2Brouter. Work directly from your system, send bulk invoices to B2Brouter and B2Brouter takes care of converting the invoice into the correct format and connecting with your customer to register and deliver the invoice.

All electronic invoices in your ERP

Multi-format electronic documents

Send and receive electronic invoices and other electronic documents with companies worldwide, in standardised and global electronic formats (UBL, Facturae, Facttura PA, Xrechnung, PINT, etc).

Connect with companies around the world

Thanks to integration, B2Brouter connects your system to national and international networks. This allows you to send and receive electronic documents with businesses around the world, as well as make tax filings directly with local regulatory agencies.

Integrate e-invoicing as you prefer

B2Brouter integrates easily with virtually any management system, thanks to the different connection methods available.

E-invoicing API


RESTful API that allows documents in multiple formats to be exchanged easily, securely and quickly.

B2Bconnector or SFTP

Connect your ERP with B2Brouter using a SFTP communication protocol or a folder system installed on your system (B2Bconnector for Windows).

Connected APPs

B2Brouter can connect with different ERP brands, thanks to different add-ons or B2Brouter partners.

Agile integration with our API

API integration allows you greater flexibility in exchanging electronic communications, information and documents with B2Brouter. Connect quickly and easily thanks to our documentation.

Everything about e-invocing's API
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B2Brouter services in your ERP

With B2Brouter you complement your management system with an electronic invoicing and tax filing service, allowing you to comply with new local and global regulations without having to worry about keeping up to date with new regulations and technical issues.

See all that B2Brouter has to offer


Manage invoices from your ERP, send and receive electronic invoices to companies all over the world, complying with your customers’ local standards and regulations. B2Brouter allows you to receive invoices in different formats, converts them into the standard format of your choice and transmits them to your ERP so you can manage them.


File taxes that affect you by law, connecting directly with the corresponding tax authority.

How does the integration with B2Brouter work?

You make it easy for you! Integration is a simple process and adaptable to your needs. Choose your connection method, customise the services and technical settings to your preference, and start managing your e-invoices efficiently, connecting with customers and suppliers anywhere in the world.


Get started by registering your company with B2Brouter

Easily sign up to B2Brouter and create your company. Choose the Enterprise plan, designed for companies that want to integrate and streamline their operations.


Choose how to connect your ERP with e-invoicing

Connect your ERP to B2Brouter in the way that best suits your needs. Whether via API, connector, SFTP or connected APP, select the option that best suits the technical capabilities of your system.


Configure the service you want to use

Integrate B2Brouter services for efficient management of your electronic invoices and tax obligations. Select and customise options such as import/export formats, status notifications, etc, that best suit your ERP.

Discover more advantages of integration with B2Brouter

Integrating with B2Brouter goes beyond simple e-invoicing. Discover a variety of benefits such as expert assistance, real-time reporting, regulatory compliance and much more.

  • Project Manager

    A specialised project manager helps you with the implementation of the integration and all aspects related to e-invoicing processes. This ensures a smooth and successful transition.

  • Exchange of states

    Receive status changes for outgoing invoices and send status changes for incoming invoices. Don't miss a thing!

  • Complies with regulations

    B2Brouter is always up-to-date with local and global regulatory changes on e-invoicing, tax filing and electronic document exchange.

  • Company directory

    B2Brouter's directory, with verified data from companies all over the world, provides you with tax details, the correct method of sending invoices, routing codes and document format. All you need is your customer's VAT number.

  • Free option for your suppliers

    Do you need to receive electronic invoices? B2Brouter has a free version to issue electronic invoices with no transaction limit, which you can offer to all your suppliers.

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    B2Brouter is certified with the ISO 27001 standard on information security management, certified as a Peppol Access Point Service Provider and a member of the EESPA.

    Certified with ISO 27001 on information security management.

    B2Brouter is certified as a Peppol Access Point provider.

    B2Brouter is a member of the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association.

    Electronic invoice provider certified by the Spanish Ministry of Economy.