Do you have to send invoices to public administrations or private companies internationally?

B2Brouter is connected to the main international open networks: Peppol (Europe, Australia and New Zealand), ePrior (Europe), Chorus Pro (France), SdI (Italy), Ariadne (Xipre), FACe and FACeB2B (Spain), among others. You can also send electronic invoices to your private customers via email and PDF.

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Tired of wasting your time looking for old invoices you never find?

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With B2Brouter you will manage all your invoices from one single platform and you will be able to find them easily and quickly - no more going crazy every time you are asked for an old invoice!

Our Professional Plan ensures you maintain and preserve your online invoices. Having all your invoices (sent and received) stored in B2Brouter will allow you to produce accurate reports on the evolution of your turnover over the years. In case you need to check an invoice from previous years, you will be able to find it easily without wasting time and space, as it happens now with paper invoices.

Our ISO 27001 certification on Information Security ensures that we store your invoices safely and securely in case of loss.

Receive invoices from your suppliers by email, they will be imported directly into B2Brouter to be processed.

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No more manual management of suppliers' invoices! You will no longer have to manually tap incoming invoices to have them registered in the same place where you also manage issued invoices.

Make it easy on your suppliers and make it easy on yourself! B2Brouter allows you to create a specific email address to manage the receipt of your suppliers' e-invoices. You will receive them directly in the "Invoices Received" section and you will be able to inform your partners about the status of the invoice. By grouping all the received invoices in a single platform, you get tighter control of the management of all your suppliers.

Do you know how much time you spend making quotes that you have to duplicate to send the bill to your client?

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One-click converting your quotes into invoices is a reality with B2Brouter! Save time and increase your efficiency with the integrated management of quotes and invoices we provide.

When it comes to managing a business like yours, we know it's difficult and time-consuming. We want to make it easy for you! Once the quotation has been given to a client and accepted, all you have to do is convert it into an invoice and send it to the client directly. There is no need to create a new invoice from scratch and you can prevent any manual errors that may be made during the process. Thus, you will have the guarantee that this invoice corresponds to the accepted quote.

Do you need to attach a file to the submitted e-invoice? No problem!


Delivery notes, quotes, attachments... everything you need to send to complement your electronic invoice can be attached to the sent email.

Very often you need to complete your invoice with some extra document requested by the customer - it won't be a problem anymore with B2Brouter!

Once the invoice is generated, you can attach the documents you need before sending it to the customer. This way, in one single email, you will be able to send the recipient all the necessary information for the invoice to be paid as quick as possible.