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Send and receive electronic documents such as invoices, quotes, orders and dispatch notes to and from companies all over the world.

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Unlimited register of clients and service providers.

  • 1. Directory of verified contacts

    Access information on your clients and service providers using the directory validated by B2Brouter, comprising more than 200,000 companies and public entities.

  • 2. Multi-network and multi-format documents

    Submit electronic documents using different networks and formats adapted to the needs of your national and international clients.

  • 3. Importing your contacts

    Mass migrate your contacts into B2Brouter by uploading a file with all the data.

  • 4. Income and expenditure control

    Consult a record of your transactions with your clients and service providers.


Manage your company’s products or services.

  • 1. Smooth creation of documents

    Afegeix a les factures i pressupostos els articles del teu catàleg sense esforç.

  • 2. Avoid errors

    Crea factures sense els errors causats per la introducció manual de dades.

  • 3. Import your products

    Mass migrate your products or services into B2Brouter by uploading a file with all the data.


Send them, receive confirmation from your client and convert them into invoices.

  • 1. Manage quotes

    Create and store quotes, send them to your clients and follow them up.

  • 2. From quote to invoice

    Convert your quote into an invoice, making the most of the information. Reduce time and mistakes made by manually creating an invoice once the quote has been accepted.

  • 3. Control of statuses

    Receive the change of status of the quote according to whether your client accepts or refuses it.

  • 4. Traceability of the commercial process

    B2Brouter links all the documents created and provides you with the information needed to be able to relate them.


Receive Peppol or EDI electronic orders and turn them into invoices.

  • 1. From order to invoice

    Turn your orders into invoices, making the most of the information. Reduce time, work and potential mistakes made by manually creating an invoice once an order has been accepted.

  • 2. Peppol format and EDI

    Manage orders through Peppol in UBL format, or via EDI networks.

  • 3. Send changes of status

    Send notifications to your clients when you accept, refuse or modify an order received.

  • 4. Automatise the sale process

    Automatised management of orders and related documents. Additionally, you digitalise the sale process, do the follow-up and facilitate the management for your clients.

Dispatch notes

Create dispatch notes for the orders received, and send them.

  • 1. From order to dispatch note

    Create dispatch notes based on an order received in B2Brouter.

  • 2. Manage the statuses

    Monitor the updated status of dispatch notes depending on whether they have been sent or are waiting to be sent.

  • 3. Traceability of documents

    B2Brouter relates all documents created, in such a way that if you create a dispatch note from an order, they will be automatically related.

  • 4. Include logistic codes

    Add the logistic information and print labels to facilitate the receipt of your goods.


Manage the sending and receipt of invoices to and from public administrations and private companies.

  • 1. Send and receive electronic invoices

    Send invoices to all your public and private clients and receive invoices from all your service providers.

  • 2. Connect with public and private networks

    Send electronic invoices to companies all over the world, via public and private networks.

  • 3. Manage different formats

    Send an electronic invoice in the suitable format. Create or import the invoice and B2Brouter will convert it into the format requested by the recipient.

  • 4. Monitor the changes of status

    Monitor the changes of status of the invoices issued and received to facilitate communication with your clients and service providers.

  • 5. Expiry reminder

    Send a notification to your client when an invoice has expired and you have not received the payment.

Peppol Services

Become a Peppol Access Point and manage your SMP.

  • 1. What is Peppol?

    Peppol is the global network that allows the issue and receipt of all types of commercial documents without any roaming costs.

  • 2. Peppol Access Point

    Manage your own Peppol Access Point to send and receive electronic documents from anywhere.

  • 3. Manage the Peppol SMP

    Register and configure the capacity to receive or send documents and changes of status of the companies registered at your Access Point.

  • 4. Integrate your management system with Peppol

    Connect through our API to automatically send and receive documents to your management system.

  • 5. Expert support

    Receive technical support from an official Peppol service provider.

Advantages of working with B2Brouter

  • 01


    Connect with all kinds of companies and networks all over the world.

    Send and receive electronic documents through public and private, national and international networks, and connect with all your clients and service providers, without any additional costs.

  • 02


    Send and receive electronic documents with different formats, adapted to the needs of your clients and service providers.

    Send electronic documents in different formats, adapted to the standards of the network you are using or your clients’ needs, without worrying about the technical aspects.

    Centralise the receipt of invoices in different formats from all your service providers, without worrying about the technical aspects.

  • 03

    Support for everyone

    B2Brouter provides a specialised platform, available for all users.

    Use the support section in your account to send us your doubts. Service available for all users of the platform.

    The Premium Plans have priority or exclusive support depending on the service contracted.

    The Enterprise users have a personal adviser who helps them to solve their doubts and queries.

  • 04


    B2Brouter has a directory of validated information on public and private companies from all over the world.

    The directory contains updated and verified information on public administrations and private companies from all over the world.

    When you create a document, the intelligent directory creates invoices in the format requested by the recipient and sends it via the suitable channel, without any errors.

    The directory provides you with verified data for your contacts and necessary information such as routing codes.

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