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Use cases

I need to send Peppol international invoices to Europe

Suppliers of European public entities must send international Peppol electronic invoices even if they are cross-border issuers. Every day more and more countries around the world are implementing electronic invoicing through this network.

Send international Peppol electronic invoices

E-invoicing for suppliers through Peppol network

Big companies need to centralize the reception of electronic invoices from a large number of suppliers. An efficient way of doing this is to receive electronic invoices via the Peppol network, which facilitates the management and control for companies.

Digitizing electronic invoices via the Peppol network

Automate e-invoicing with the implementation of Peppol integration

The implementation of the Peppol integration allows companies to automate the sending of electronic invoices. It is perfect for companies that have to manage large volumes of invoices, as they can work directly from their management system and send invoices via the Peppol network.

Why do Peppol integration?

I want to send a Peppol e-invoice

Although in the United States there is no obligation to use electronic invoicing, it is possible that soon there will be laws recommending or mandating its use. Taking into account a recent pilot test, everything points to the use of the Peppol e-invoicing.

Send Peppol e-invoices

Invoicing and tax programme

Self-employed people and small companies need an efficient and simple management of their invoices.

Managing invoicing

Our clients’ opinions

Medasil Surgical Limited
Extremely helpful and knowledgeable about Peppol Implementation. Cost effective product for as a small SME selling into NHS. Reliable service and good customer sup-port.
Mark Lay
Technical Director
Kebomed UK Ltd
We have found the B2BRouter PEPPOL Access Point service easy to implement and use. Should we have any queries/errors the support team are quick in response and fixing any issue.
Kate Dominy
Admin Assistant
Upsell Consulting Services
I would recommend B2Brouter because it is a service that provides more value than it costs. In addition, electronic invoicing will soon be mandatory, so it is better to start using it now.
Carlos Alcocer
Partner and administrator of Upsell Consulting Services
ERGO Insurance
Actually, we are very happy with B2Brouter. It is a complete, clear, intuitive, and effective application. The customer service is great, always fast and efficient in solving any problem that may arise.
Olga García López
Área de Clientes de ERGO Seguros de Viaje
We are satisfied with the solution, as the software is easy to access and use. The presentation of the invoices is fast thanks to the file management system that allows to fill in the fields automatically (date, invoice number, amount without VAT, with VAT...). We recommend this solution, as we have been customers for a year and so far we have not encountered any problems.
Mme Rania Aroui
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