Does your supplier management take up more time and resources than expected?

All your suppliers' invoices can now be received on a single platform, either through public networks such as FACeB2B or Peppol, or by other channels such as email or multiple imports.

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Electronic invoicing for SMEs

Your supplier management can be much more efficient. We can help you receive all your invoices, orders and delivery notes in one tool that allows you to have control over your accounts payable management. You can receive electronic documents through multiple channels: via FACeB2B (if you are a government contractor), via Peppol (for cross-border invoices or European government), via email, using B2Brouter's own portal or by importing the documents into our platform. Can you imagine being able to view all your invoices at a glance? This is possible with B2Brouter

Improved control of accounts payable and accounts receivable thanks to a centralized and reliable notification system.

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B2Brouter's Business Plan allows you to notify your suppliers about the status of the received e-invoices and also to receive the notifications of sent invoices to your customers.

How many calls do you have to get from providers asking whether or not you have received the bill? Just imagine how much time you would save if you no longer had to use the phone or write an email to your provider. Using B2Brouter you can quickly and easily report the status of received invoices to the appropriate sender. Thus, you will improve and unify the communication with your suppliers without having to invest extra time in calls.

Do you have to send electronic invoices from two different addresses, but keep a unified management? No problem!

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B2Brouter's Business Plan allows you to generate different issuing branches and send invoices from all locations of your company, if needed.

We simplify the management of your company by allowing you to create different issuing branches. This allows you to send invoices with different data (name and address) but under the same company (VAT number). As a result, all invoices sent will be tracked in a standardised way, regardless of the issuing location.

Does your company export to Europe? We provide a simple and economic solution to manage your invoices, orders and delivery notes within the European Union.

B2Brouter offers you the possibility to manage in one single platform all the management of your cross-border invoices. In addition to invoices, you can also send and receive orders, delivery notes and other electronic documents

SMEs exporting outside their country face many challenges. We want to make it easy for you with an online platform that makes administrative management easy. Through the Peppol network you will be able to send your international invoices and also receive the documents from your European suppliers. Therefore, you will speed up the administrative procedures and you will always be able to locate all the electronic documents derived from your commercial activity.