E-invoicing solutions for your software

Are you a developer of cloud-based software that generates invoices? Enhance your product with the eDocSync service and offer e-invoicing services integrated directly into your system. Forget about implementing complex systems, requirements, and standards to comply with different regulations.

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Adapt your software to the new regulations

Perfect solution for software developers looking to adapt their services to the new electronic invoicing regulations in a simple way. No complicated developments, no technological and legal barriers - save time and resources!

Easily integrate your system and leave everything else to us.

Connect your online software with B2Brouter through an API connection. Complement your existing services with advanced e-invoicing functionalities and offer them to your users as a service of your own.


Integrate easily with API

With a simple API connection, you can connect your online platform with B2Brouter. This facilitates your management in an autonomous and efficient way: registering new clients, distributing and assigning services, etc.


Your platform complies with the new regulations

Prepare your software to comply with several regulations. Comply with complicated technical requirements without the need for complex developments and legal procedures.


New services integrated into your software

Expand your business by integrating specialized e-invoicing services into your software for your users, without them having to leave the environment they are used to.

eDocSync is an add-on for your software

By integrating your platform with B2Brouter you generate new business opportunities. Offer your customers global e-invoicing solutions without having to develop complicated technological processes or adapt your software to the different laws or certifications of each region.

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    Avoid complex developments

    Save yourself complicated technical developments. B2Brouter already complies with the laws, regulations and requirements of each region. Your software is always up to date to future changes with eDocSync.

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    Multiformat & multichannel

    Enhance your solution with the ability to manage multiple electronic formats of invoices, statements and other electronic documents. Connect to multiple platforms and public and private networks around the world.

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    E-invoicing services

    Offer global e-invoicing and e-invoicing services for all your users.

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    Complement your solution

    eDocSync does not replace your solution, it complements it. It adds new functionalities to the services you already offer, directly integrated within your platform.

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    High profit at reduced cost

    For a low cost to your business, you get a very high return. Not only financially, but also in terms of saving resources and improving your skills.

What functionalities do you integrate in your software?

Your product remains the same. You upgrade it with advanced e-invoicing and other electronic document exchange functionalities. Your users benefit from these new capabilities, but continue to work from your platform, without interacting with the B2Brouter environment or altering their normal workflow.

  • Electronic invoicing in the US

    Electronic invoicing service in the United States, aimed at public administration suppliers, state contractors and subcontractors and all private companies that will soon be affected by the new regulations.

  • International e-invoicing

    Global e-invoicing service, adapted to the characteristics and regulations of regions such as the European Union, Asia, Oceania or MENA.

  • Centralized supplier invoicing

    Service for receiving and converting electronic invoices from suppliers in different formats, through different networks or methods, to streamline and enable all invoice management from a single environment.

  • Electronic document exchange

    It facilitates the exchange of other electronic documents such as orders and delivery notes via recognized networks such as Peppol or EDI.

  • Verified company directory

    Your users access the B2Brouter business directory with verified information from companies all over the world. This allows you to automatically configure the data, sending and format of electronic invoices.

  • Specialized technical support

    Get specialized technical support from B2Brouter for API connection or other specific issues related to e-invoicing, regulatory and more.

Is eDocSync compatible with your solution?

The eDocSync service is designed to complement any invoicing software that provides its services in the cloud and has the following features.

More integration options

You want to offer specialized services without costly developments

With eDocSync you comply with the new electronic invoicing regulations, thus avoiding complex and specialized developments.

You sell cloud services

eDocSync is a perfect solution for online software platforms, allowing easy connection through our API with dedicated technical support.

You have a solution with volume of users

eDocSync is intended for software that can connect a minimum of 100 users. This is because its price is very low.

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    Our clients’ opinions

    Medasil Surgical Limited
    Extremely helpful and knowledgeable about Peppol Implementation. Cost effective product for as a small SME selling into NHS. Reliable service and good customer sup-port.
    Mark Lay
    Technical Director
    Kebomed UK Ltd
    We have found the B2BRouter PEPPOL Access Point service easy to implement and use. Should we have any queries/errors the support team are quick in response and fixing any issue.
    Kate Dominy
    Admin Assistant
    Upsell Consulting Services
    I would recommend B2Brouter because it is a service that provides more value than it costs. In addition, electronic invoicing will soon be mandatory, so it is better to start using it now.
    Carlos Alcocer
    Partner and administrator of Upsell Consulting Services
    ERGO Insurance
    Actually, we are very happy with B2Brouter. It is a complete, clear, intuitive, and effective application. The customer service is great, always fast and efficient in solving any problem that may arise.
    Olga García López
    Área de Clientes de ERGO Seguros de Viaje
    We are satisfied with the solution, as the software is easy to access and use. The presentation of the invoices is fast thanks to the file management system that allows to fill in the fields automatically (date, invoice number, amount without VAT, with VAT...). We recommend this solution, as we have been customers for a year and so far we have not encountered any problems.
    Mme Rania Aroui


    B2Brouter is certified with the ISO 27001 standard on information security management, certified as a Peppol Access Point Service Provider and a member of the EESPA.

    Certified with ISO 27001 on information security management.

    B2Brouter is certified as a Peppol Access Point provider.

    B2Brouter is a member of the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association.

    Electronic invoice provider certified by the Spanish Ministry of Economy.