Exchange electronic documents with York Teaching Hospital!

Now you can receive orders and send invoices in electronic format with York Teaching Hospital.

If you are a supplier of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust this will interest you!

Exchange documents via Peppol

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is now ready to issue electronic orders and receive e-invoices from NHS Supply Chain members. If you are a hospital supplier you can do this through the Peppol network.

PEPPOL is an international network that allows the exchange of electronic documents. In addition, common standards and formats are used for all participants, which facilitates the process.

NHS Supply Chain with Peppol

NHS hospitals have chosen Peppol for the electronic document exchange process. As a result, the majority of hospitals are already able to receive invoices and issue orders via this network. Other hospitals (such as York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust) are in the process of moving to this system. For this reason, it is expected that within a short period of time all hospitals will be ready to exchange electronic documents through Peppol.

If you are an NHS supplier you can use B2Brouter. By using our tool you would be able to:

  • Receive orders.
  • Change the status of the orders to communicate your provider (accepted, refused, modified).
  • Generate labels from accepted orders.
  • Turn the order into an invoice clicking on a single button.
  • Send the invoice clicking on a single button.