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Why to early on-board PEPPOL

You should be ready now. As an NHS Supplier, you have been dealing with your disparate NHS Trusts for the last years, connecting and implementing many different technical solutions. Accessing web portals, filling in forms, doing training, etc. This nightmare starts as soon as you start dealing with a new customer.

Not everybody yet...

PEPPOL started in 2014, and it is being adopted in Europe step by step. It is true that not everybody is yet there, however, there are a lot of indicators that allow you to foresee that this is the way to go. PEPPOL is fully deployed in the Nordic countries to support invoicing, ordering and now moving to electronic tendering. It has been recognized in Belgium and Netherlands as the main exchange system with the Government and it is also being deployed in Germany, Italy, France and Poland. The NHS has also been one of the early adopters of this infrastructure and is one of the communities working more on the adoption among the Health community.

Since the early 80s, private companies have struggled with the problem of automation. The EDI became the solution for companies willing to solve their automation problems, and they started using service providers to start connecting to customers and suppliers.

This early technology and the lack of past experiences made the EDI to become difficult and broken in silos. The result was that this technology is not a friendly technology, and does not have a suitable solution for everybody. Basically, SMEs have been excluded from the EDI exchanges due to the fragmentation of the market, the cost of implementation, and more important, the cost of these services.

With PEPPOL and open standards such as the UBL language, most of the barriers we can find in the old EDI technology and infrastructure are gone. It is no longer required to have different ways and types of documents to communicate with different customers and providers. It is not needed to contract different service providers to reach all you customer or supplier base. There are low-cost solutions that allow smooth adoption of these standards.

With PEPPOL and the Scan4Safety program, you will not need to do all this again.

Now you’ll be the owner of your data, the responsible of your single connection to the network and the network will do the rest. Your interface to the PEPPOL network must be done just once, and when done, it will be done forever.

This means that you’ll no longer suffer from painful on-boarding processes with your other NHS buyers. Once you are in, you’ll start using more and more this connection as long as your buyers start adopting it.

Do it now, because you’ll have to do it anyway if you want to continue in the market, and as you know, the sooner the better.

Our PEPPOL service for NHS suppliers and buyers
Gain more customers

You can start diving into the PEPPOL network easily. First using a web portal with a small yearly fee where you can grasp the benefits of the network. You’ll be known in the PEPPOL Directory, you’ll be reachable and ready. Every single NHS Trust will be able to start sending you orders.

And you will be able to reply to those orders from the Portal. This is not the final situation, where we aim at your ERP system connected to the Access Point to avoid you rekeying your information, but you have plenty of time to do this step. You can also start it.

Automating your sales

Being in the PEPPOL Directory means more customers for you. You will be exposed and your customers will recognize a leading company, ready for the exchange of procurement documents using the PEPPOL network.

No more paper based orders. No more lost emails. You can get your orders directly into your ERP system and process them according to your best practices. You will be able to quickly or even automatically respond to the received orders based on the existences on your warehouses. You’ll be able to automate the kick off the delivery of goods and the submission of electronic invoices.

The more easy the process, the more customers you will be able to afford, and the more customers you will get.

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