e-delivery service

Easy on-boarding to the PEPPOL network.

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Cloud based

Remove technical barriers through our cloud-based service. Start using PEPPOL without development, installation or configuration costs.

Expert partner

We are PEPPOL providers since 2011, gain access to our expertise to speed up your onboarding.

Fulfill reporting

Get the statistical information you need to fulfill the reporting requirements from your PEPPOL Authority.

B2Brouter PEPPOL Access Point

Your own cloud-based entry to PEPPOL. A PEPPOL Access Point enables secure exchange of messages with many European recipients and without roaming fees.

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B2Brouter is providing PEPPOL services since 2011 when we set up one of the first Access Points of the PEPPOL network and provides now your PEPPOL Access Point as a service, without any installation or development costs.

Your Cloud B2Brouter PEPPOL Access Point has the following features:

  • Support for AS2 and AS4 transport profiles.
  • Installation of your own PEPPOL AP certificate.
  • Installation of your own URL
  • Capability to Exchange any type of PEPPOL document.
  • Administration tool to monitor the transaction of incoming and outgoing documents.
  • Set up of the connection to your infrastructure through different channels (AS2, WS, SFTP...).
  • Regular reporting on the documents exchanged.

B2Brouter PEPPOL Registry

With your own B2Brouter PEPPOL Registry service (PEPPOL SMP), you will be able to fully control the capabilities of your users.

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You will register capabilities to receive PEPPOL documents (Invoices, Credit Notes, Orders, Order Responses and Despatch Advices...) for your participants and publish these capabilities into the PEPPOL Directory.

Your Cloud B2Brouter PEPPOL Registry has the following features:

  • Up-to-date document identifiers with all the documents registered in PEPPOL.
  • Administration tool to register unlimited number of Access Points, Participants and Services.
  • Installation of your own PEPPOL SMP certificate.
  • Connection to PEPPOL directory to publish your information automatically.
  • Backup of the registry data to avoid losing information.

Lookup Service

The Participant lookup tool lets you find out the details about any participant in the PEPPOL network. The response for the lookup can be obtained in either HTML, JSON or XML if you need integration.

The Participant Lookup API is handy if you need to check if a receiver is registered in the PEPPOL network and which documents is he able to receive. You can call the API anytime from within your internal workflow.

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