B2Brouter: New functionalities in the Platform

This December B2Brouter launches two new features that improve the usability and quality of the platform: A new form to create the electronic invoice and an internal chat between the issuer and the recipient of the invoices.

These new features are designed to facilitate navigating through and using the platform as well as providing useful functionalities for B2Brouter users.

Less errors in the creation of the electronic invoice

The recent change has added a new step to the invoice creation. When you initiate the invoice creation process, a previous step will appear where you will have to select the client. After that, you will be able to add all the details to the invoice.

This is a change that has been made to prevent errors. As a result, when you start creating the invoice, you will not be able to easily modify the selected client. In order to edit this data, you must access to the previous step. This avoids modifying the client before sending the invoice, and therefore, it prevents the sending of invoices to incorrect recipients.


Improves communication between issuer and receiver

Another new feature: An internal communication device that allows the issuer and receiver to communicate through a direct message. In order to be able to access this functionality, you must open the invoice. You will find this option at the right inferior side of the screen. This tool will help you communicate with the issuer or receiver of the invoice.

This is an improvement that can be useful for supplier and customer to exchange communications regarding a specific invoice. It will also be available to all users, including free plan users.

This functionality is currently only available when the issuer and receiver are both members of B2Brouter and have exchanged invoices through the platform.


B2Brouter is constantly working to improve the platform and offer you a better management experience for your electronic invoicing.

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