Final tests for the UP-Access project

The UP-Access project has focused on improving the access points of the PEPPOL network by transferring from AS2 to AS4. As a result, the participants have performed the last tests that confirm the operability of the project.

What did the tests entail?

B2Brouter has carried out several exchanges of electronic documents with the companies that have been involved in the project. Consequently, we have received and issued documents with Datajust, Webware and Babelway.

In addition to the exchange of electronic documents, the objective of the tests has also been to share the communications involved. We are talking about the informed notifications to the participants in the exchange, in other words, if documents have been issued or received.


The objective of these tests is to validate that the update from AS2 to AS4 has been successfully completed. As a result, both the sending and receiving of invoices and the reception of notifications have been carried out satisfactorily.

In addition, these latest tests have helped to prove that the AS4 AP of the participating organizations is fully functional and ready for production use.

These actions take the project closer to its end, which should be concluded by the end of June 2019.