E-invoicing in Australia and New Zealand by Ravi Mistry, B2Brouter

E-Invoicing requires planning between the Finance team and ICT team as it is a change that requires involvement of people from different departments. Therefore, an organisation depending upon size would need to initiate a project for adopting e-invoicing, and prepare a road-map for successful implementation.

This webinar evaluated both the current and planned regimes. We looked at the implications for a change, the technical, and implementation challenges/opportunities they present for businesses.

  1. Where we are at in Australia and New Zealand?
  2. How to optimise your transition seamlessly?
  3. The multiple benefits of e-invoicing.

E-invoice presentation included:

  • The CHANGE aspects and how to go about it.
  • Capabilities focus: should it be Business or IT?
  • Target state environment.

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