Manage international e-invoicing with all your customers

Connecting with customers around the world has never been easier! Simplify all your international e-invoicing by complying with global standards and regulations, almost without even realising it. Send invoices to any customer, anywhere, all from a single solution.

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Send e-invoices to Europe the easy way

E-invoicing in Europe is fast becoming an obligation. Both for transactions with public administrations and in the field of private companies. It complies smoothly with the different current and future regulations.

  • E-invoicing with the European Public Administration

    Comply with European regulations that require suppliers to public bodies to use e-invoicing, with the Peppol network being the most common channel. However, some countries have their own systems that require specific delivery methods that you can also connect to.

  • Get ready for B2B e-invoicing

    The transition to mandatory e-invoicing for all transactions between private companies is a reality in countries such as Italy and Finland, and is close in others such as Spain, France, Belgium and Denmark.

Global connection with the Peppol network

Easily access the Peppol network to reach all your European public customers, thanks to a single connection. B2Brouter is a Certified Peppol Access Point, which allows you to comply with the different standards and regulations of each region, which has implemented e-invoicing through this environment.

  • 01

    B2Brouter: Peppol Certified Access Point

    B2Brotuer is a certified Peppol Access Point. This facilitates your entry into the Peppol ecosystem and allows you to adapt to the different standards required by international regulations.

  • 02

    Comply with UBL BIS 3 standard

    The UBL BIS 3 format is the standard developed for transactions with European public administrations. With B2Brouter you comply with this format.

  • 03

    Comply with local specifications

    Each country has its own local specifications, such as company identifiers, routing codes, and so on. With B2Brouter you meet these details without even realising it.

  • 04

    Are your suppliers also in Peppol?

    The Peppol network enables the receipt of electronic invoices and other documents. If your suppliers use Peppol, you can also manage the receipt of e-invoices.

E-invoicing outside the Peppol environment

Send e-invoices beyond the Peppol environment, connecting to various local networks around the world. The adoption of e-invoicing varies in some countries and not all countries have implemented it through Peppol. For this reason, B2Brouter extends its capabilities by integrating with other e-invoicing platforms and networks.

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    Connect with other networks and platforms

    Connect with local networks or platforms used in Portugal, France or Italy (among others), to comply with e-invoicing processes in those countries.

  • 02

    Comply with specific local standards

    Manage local standards in countries such as France, Italy or Portugal (among others), where the electronic invoice format is an adaptation of the UBL or is a different format, defined by the country itself.

Send e-invoices outside Europe easily

Don't limit yourself to Europe, send e-invoices to countries all over the world. The adoption of e-invoicing is growing globally. More and more regions are preparing e-invoicing regulations that will soon make its use mandatory.

  • 01

    Global connectivity with Peppol

    Send e-invoices via Peppol, outside Europe, to countries such as New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, among others, which have already adopted this environment for e-invoicing.

  • 02

    UBL PINT as global format

    Easily create electronic invoices in PINT format, the new format designed for sending e-invoices between countries around the world, complying with the business rules of each country.

  • 03

    Anticipate the future of e-invoicing

    The global adoption of e-invoicing is advancing rapidly, transforming the way businesses operate internationally. Don't wait for the obligation and get ready now.

Where can you send e-invoices with B2Brouter?

B2Brouter is one of the most globally connected e-invoicing platforms. With a reduced fee, you have the ability to send an unlimited number of e-invoices to more than 20 countries.