B2Brouter: Free einvoicing through the Peppol network

Peppol is becoming the electronic invoicing standard. It is already used in most of the European Union countries. In addition, it is starting to be implemented in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, it is very useful that companies can have an einvoicing system that covers all their needs through the Peppol network.

Using B2Brouter, not only can you send your invoices freely by email, but you can also do so through the international document exchange network ,Peppol.

You will be able to easily issue all your einvoices, free of charge and without any restriction on the number of invoices or the time of use. You only have to follow 4 steps:

1. Sign up for free

Quickly and easily sign up process. To create your user you only need an email ( yours or your company’s) and a password.

Once the user is created and activated you will be able to access to your account and enter your company data (VAT Id, name, address, etc).

It’s only five minutes!

2. Make a request to start using Peppol

In order to be able to invoice via PEPPOL for free, we need to validate your company. Therefore, you should make a simple request where we will ask you to attach a legal document (registration certificate or received invoice in which your identifier appears on it).We will validate the data and activate your connection.

You can see the necessary steps you need to follow in the next post: Make a request to start using Peppol.

3. Peppol network as an invoice electronic sending method

You should create your customers inside the platform in order to invoice them. As B2Brouter allows you to send electronic invoices through different channels (Peppol, FACe, Chorus Pro, email, etc), you must select PEPPOL as the invoice delivery channel.

You only have to do this step once, when you create the receiver. Once it has been created, the information will be saved in the receiver’s profile. Do not worry if the sending method changes, you will be able to change it as many times as necessary.

You can see the necessary steps you need to follow in the next post: Create a Peppol receiver.

4. Create and send the einvoice with just one click

B2Brouter simplifies your work. All you have to do is create the einvoice by filling in the form with the data you need to inform (invoice number, date, taxes, lines, etc). Finally, after you have created the invoice, you only have to click on the “Send” button. The advantage of B2Brouter is that it automatically sends the invoice through the selected channel with just one click. In addition, it turns the invoice into the required format (xml invoice) by the channel through which it is sent.

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Start invoicing today!