Approved electronic invoice platform in Australia

B2Brouter is an electronic document exchange solution, that allows businesses to send and receive electronic invoices and other procurement documents through the Peppol network and EDI gateways. The Australian Government agencies have been mandated to receive electronic invoices from July 2022.

An Australian company or company from any other country can send Peppol invoices to the Australian Government agencies as they will be capable of receiving invoices this year. B2Brouter is an e-invoicing solution recognized by the Australian Government.

Electronic invoicing in Australia

Electronic invoicing in Australia is now a reality. The Australian Government has announced that, the Federal, States and Local Government agencies will be capable of receiving electronic invoicing. In this first phase, from 1 January 2020, Australian Government agencies capable of receiving Peppol e-invoices began paying eligible e-invoices within five days or pay interest on any late payments. As part of the Digital Business Plan all Australian agencies are mandated to adopt e-invoicing by 1 July 2022.

How will electronic invoicing be implemented in Australia?

Australia and New Zealand Government, have decided to adopt the implementation of electronic invoicing through the Peppol network. This means that, just like Europe, Australian companies will have to manage electronic invoices through a certified Peppol Access Point and will have to be able to send and receive invoices in an Australian invoice specification.

As a result, to comply with the Australian Government’s e-invoice regulations, Government agencies must work with a software that allows them to manage electronic documents through the Peppol network. The agencies would need a certified Peppol Access Point. Otherwise, they will not be able to manage the electronic invoice and comply with the specified standards and regulations.

B2Brouter: Electronic invoicing solution approved by the Australian Government

B2Brouter is an online platform for the exchange of electronic documents which allows companies around the world to send and receive electronic documents with other public sector organisations or private sector companies. B2Brouter is a certified Peppol Access Point and an e-invoicing management software solution that is approved by the Australian Government. The B2Brouter platform allows the sending and receiving of electronic invoices through the software as a service subscription to the Australian Government agencies. The agencies can easily and quickly comply with the regulations and standards imposed by the Australian Government as B2Brouter provide multiple options.

How can B2Brouter help you?

B2Brouter has a free subscription that aims to help companies start their transition to digitalization with the use of electronic invoicing and other electronic documents. Thanks to B2Brouter, companies can:

  • Send and receive electronic invoices to public sector agencies and private sector companies in Australia.
  • Send and receive electronic invoices to public sector agencies and private sector companies worldwide.
  • Send and receive documents in different formats through public networks like Peppol and/or private networks like EDI
  • Invoice Receive status changes of sent documents.
  • Sending the status changes of received documents.
  • Control of collections and payments.
  • Online invoice collection.
  • Specialized support.
  • Many more.

In addition, with the premium plan businesses can activate other functionalities that help them work better with the platform. Some examples are:

  • Import invoices to avoid having to enter data manually.
  • Manage other electronic documents such as orders or delivery notes.
  • Sending of quotations.
  • Create internal business units or company branches to route documents.
  • Add different levels of user access to the account to manage documents.
  • Receive email notifications.
  • Archive of invoices and other documents.
  • Customised reports that can be downloaded.
  • Technical support that can provide prioritised support.

If the agencies or businesses need to manage a high volume of electronic invoices, either for sending or receiving through their Financial Platform then the financial system can also be integrated with B2Brouters platform using connections methods like SFTP or API. The benefits for these integrations are:

  • Work directly from Internal management systems.
  • Automate the sending or receiving of electronic invoicing or other electronic documents.
  • Send and/or receive in bulk.
  • A project-based implementation.

Prepare and plan your company for the new e-invoicing regulations in Australia. Whether you are sending or receiving e-invoices, you can get started now with B2Brouter, an e-invoicing solution recommended by the Australian Government.

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