Send electronic invoice to Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha

With B2Brouter you will be able to send electronic invoices to Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha through FACe and correctly generate your electronic invoice in FacturaE 3.2 format with the mandatory DIR3 codes incorporated: Accounting Office, Processing Unit and Management Body.

Send electronic invoice to Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha

Consult the DIR3 codes of Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha to make an electronic invoice

Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha

Basic information

  • NIF (CIF): ESS1911001D
  • Pza. del Conde, 2
  • 45071 Toledo
  • Toledo
  • Spain
  • See the map
Invoice delivery method
Transport: FACe
Document type: FacturaE 3.2
Organisational units Accounting office Management body Processing unit
Agencia Del Agua De Castilla-la Mancha A08014327 A08013819 A08013819
CENTRO ACOGIDA MENORES EL PASICO A08005147 A08005920 A08005920
CENTRO DE MENORES ARCO IRIS A08005147 A08005917 A08005917
Consejo Consultivo De Castilla-la Mancha * Consejo Consultivo De Castilla-la Mancha A08014327 A08016372 A08016372
Delegacion Provincial Consejeria Sanidad Albacete A08014327 A08027354 A08027354
Delegacion Provincial Consejeria Sanidad Ciudad Real A08014327 A08027355 A08027355
Delegacion Provincial Consejeria Sanidad Guadalajara A08014327 A08027357 A08027357
Delegacion Provincial Consejeria Sanidad Toledo A08014327 A08027358 A08027358
Direccion General Accion Social Y Cooperacion A08014327 A08014337 A08014337
Direccion General Asistencia Sanitaria A08014327 A08015065 A08015065
Direccion General Atencion A La Dependencia A08014327 A08014336 A08014336
Direccion General Calidad Y Humanizacion De La Asistencia Sanitaria A08014327 A08014302 A08014302
Direccion General Comunicacion A08014327 A08013642 A08013642
Direccion General Coordinacion Y Planificacion A08014327 A08013636 A08013636
Direccion General Funcion Publica A08014327 A08014296 A08014296
Direccion General Juventud Y Deportes A08014327 A08014350 A08014350
Direccion General Planificacion Territorial Y Sostenibilidad A08014327 A08013664 A08013664
Direccion General Planificacion, Ordenacion E Inspeccion Sanitaria A08014327 A08014301 A08014301
Direccion General Politica Financiera, Tesoreria Y Fondos Comunitarios A08014327 A08014295 A08014295
Direccion General Presupuestos A08014327 A08014291 A08014291
Direccion General Programas De Empleo A08014327 A08013841 A08013841
Direccion General Programas, Atencion A La Diversidad Y Formacion Profesional A08014327 A08014347 A08014347
Direccion General Promocion Institucional A08014327 A08013635 A08013635
Direccion General Recursos Humanos A08014327 A08015067 A08015067
Direccion General Recursos Humanos Y Planificacion Educativa A08014327 A08014345 A08014345
Direccion General Salud Publica A08014327 A08027181 A08027181
Direccion General Trabajo, Formacion Y Seguridad Laboral A08014327 A08013842 A08013842
Direccion General Tributos Y Ordenacion Del Juego A08014327 A08014292 A08014292
Direccion General Turismo, Comercio Y Artesania A08014327 A08013845 A08013845
Direccion General Universidades, Investigacion E Innovacion A08014327 A08014349 A08014349
Direccion Provincial Del Instituto De La Mujer Albacete A08014327 A08016378 A08016378
Direccion Provincial Del Instituto De La Mujer Ciudad Real A08014327 A08016379 A08016379
Direccion Provincial Del Instituto De La Mujer Cuenca A08014327 A08016380 A08016380
Direccion Provincial Del Instituto De La Mujer Guadalajara A08014327 A08016381 A08016381
Direccion Provincial Del Instituto De La Mujer Toledo A08014327 A08016382 A08016382
Gerencia De Coordinacion E Inspeccion A08014327 A08016747 A08016747
Gerencia De Urgencias, Emergencias Y Transporte Sanitario A08014327 A08016828 A08016828
Instituto De La Mujer De Castilla-la Mancha A08014327 A08016374 A08016374
Instituto De Las Ciencias De La Salud A08014327 A08014321 A08014321
Instituto De Promocion Exterior De Castilla-la Mancha A08016373 A08016373 A08016373
Intervencion General De La Junta De Comunidades A08014327 A08014327 A08014327
Secretaria Consejeria Bienestar Social A08014327 A08014334 A08014334
Secretaria Delegacion Provincial Junta Comunidades Castilla-la Mancha Albacete A08014327 A08014093 A08014093
Secretaria Delegacion Provincial Junta Comunidades Castilla-la Mancha Ciudad Real A08014327 A08014100 A08014100
Secretaria Delegacion Provincial Junta Comunidades Castilla-la Mancha Cuenca A08014327 A08014107 A08014107
Secretaria Delegacion Provincial Junta Comunidades Castilla-la Mancha Guadalajara A08014327 A08014114 A08014114
Secretaria Delegacion Provincial Junta Comunidades Castilla-la Mancha Toledo A08014327 A08014121 A08014121
Secretaria General Consejeria De Hacienda Y Administraciones Publicas A08014327 A08014290 A08014290
Secretaria General De Economía, Empresas Y Empleo A08014327 A08013705 A08013705
Secretaria General Educacion, Cultura Y Deportes A08014327 A08014340 A08014340
Secretaria General Fomento A08014327 A08013661 A08013661
Secretaria General Sanidad A08014327 A08014297 A08014297
Secretaria General Sescam A08014327 A08015062 A08015062
Viceconsejeria De Administracion Local Y Coordinacion Administrativa A08014327 A08014300 A08014300
Viceconsejeria De Medio Ambiente A08014327 A08014278 A08014278

What is FACe?

FACe is the General Point of Entry of electronic invoices of the General Administration of the Spanish State. It is a single entry point for these documents and is valid for all autonomous communities.

The format supported by FACe is Facturae, with the obligation to specify the DIR3 codes.

B2Brouter is connected with FACe, so your invoices will be sent to the Point of Entry directly and automatically. In this way you can also be informed of the status of your invoice through our notification system.

What are the DIR3 codes?

The DIR3 codes are three mandatory data that must be specified in the electronic invoices issued to the public administrations of Spain. The 3 codes correspond to Managing Body, Processing Unit and Accounting Office.

In B2Brouter's directory you can find the verified DIR3 codes of Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha as well as those of other public administrations.

When is it mandatory to make an electronic invoice?

In Spain, electronic invoicing has been mandatory since 2015 for suppliers of the public administration (Town Councils, Regional Governments, Generalitat, Health Services, Universities, etc.). Companies or freelancers that are subcontractors or contractors of public contracts must also issue their invoices in electronic format through the FACeB2B system.

For the public sector, invoices must be sent in Facturae format and electronic invoices must be sent through the appropriate Entry Point.

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