What can I do if I do not have VAT ID Number?

It depends on whether the country in which you are registered fiscally to issue invoices, you (natural person) or your company (legal entity) belongs to the European Union:

  • Yes, it belongs to the European Union:
    European Union regulations require you to have a VAT ID number that is registered in VIES to be able to send an invoice to a public administration. If you do not have a registered VAT ID number, the best is to contact your customer to see if he offers another solution.
  • Does not belong to the European Union:
    In this case, enter as VAT ID any tax identification number that you have. When entering the identification number it indicates the code of the country to which it belongs in front of the number, without spaces or dashes. For example, if you are a United States issuer and your registration number is 123456, you have entered: US123456. Tap to consult the country code.