Enterprise plan

According to transaction volume

If you are a large company, the Enterprise plan is the one for you.

ERP system

Integrate invoices with your management system

We’ve developed a simple, powerful system for mass document exchange with other systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Sage. Error-free and completely secure.

Customers and suppliers

Reach all your customers and suppliers

Connect with all your different customers and suppliers on different public or private networks thank to the exchange agreements established by B2B Router.

Help your customers

Help your customers reach you

Just as B2B Router reaches all your customers and suppliers, they can also reach you, so you receive your invoices systematically.


Control all issues

We offer a control panel providing real-time control electronic invoices that have passed recipient validation and which lets you take rapid action when necessary.

Information on invoices

Complete the information on your invoices

Occasionally, your ERP might not have all the information the customer requires. We help you complete all your invoices with special needs, such as including DIR3.

Customise functions

Customise access to functions

Cover your specific needs with additional functions such as customised creation of invoice PDF files or validation mechanisms to automate reception.

Business conditions

Establish your business conditions

Indicate the rules of business to receive and integrate invoices automatically; invoices from your suppliers with be validated using these rules before they are downloaded to your system.

Supplier portal

Customise your supplier portal

Offer your suppliers a customised space where they can send electronic invoices, registering and benefiting from the same advantages as the Basic plan users.

Sales documents

Work with other sales documents

You can exchange all kinds of sales documents with your customers or suppliers. Start with invoices and move on to orders, catalogues or delivery notes to strengthen your sales relations.

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