Business plan


For SMEs or low volume suppliers.

European invoices

Issue invoices on European networks

B2B Router is connected to the main European invoicing networks, both public (such as the PEPPOL network) and open private networks, which we use to deliver your invoices automatically.

Import invoices

Import invoices in different formats

B2B Router adapts to your needs and includes invoice importation into the system using the main document formats.

Paper invoices

Manage paper invoices

When importing your invoices in PDF, our smart system recognises OCR characters, currently one of the most advanced systems available, to recognise the information and add it to the system.

Electronic orders

Receive electronic orders

Your customers are increasing ready for this and expect the same from you. B2B Router lets you receive electronic orders, simplifying the system for your customers so they place their orders with you.

Notifications on your orders

Receive notifications on your orders

Receive real-time email notifications of new orders from customers. Don’t waste a second in attending to and delivering orders.

Orders to invoices

Convert orders into invoices

Once you’ve sent your order, you can create the invoice with just one click. Save time, avoid problems with electronic invoices and make sure your customer receives and processes the invoice correctly.


Make life easier for your customers

When they receive your invoices, your customers can use additional functions to reduce the number of calls and management time. You’ll also know if they’ve received them and they will be constantly available to you.


Benefit from our support

Your electronic invoices are sent to numerous recipients over different networks. We make sure that incidents are sent to the person responsible in each case.

User profiles

Define different user profiles

The Business plan lets you define different user types, with different roles and permissions for access to information. Adapt each profile to the characteristics of employees with access to invoices.

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