B2Brouter also allows you to manage your suppliers’ invoices. You can receive the invoices through different methods and in different formats. One of the available options is to receive invoices via email:

Receive invoices by email in B2Brouter

Your supplier does not use B2Brouter? No problem, he can send you the invoices via email and they will be registered in your Received Invoices section. You just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Activate the invoice reception by email

First of all, you need to activate the receive invoices via email option. Afterwards, your suppliers will be able to send you the invoices to B2Brouter, creating an email with the invoice attached, without the need to be users of the platform.


  • In the inferior side of the section “Received Invoices”, you will find the different reception methods. Select Receive by email with invoice file attached.
  • A new screen will appear in which you need to activa the option Reception by email.


Once this option is activated, save the changes by clicking on the Save button. In this page, you will find your B2Brouter email address to which your suppliers must send you their invoices. This address is YourVAT@b2brouter.email. Example: ES123456789@b2brouter.email.

You are ready to receive invoices via email!

2. Inform your supplier

Once the reception via email is activated, please inform your supplier to send the invoice to your B2Brouter email address.

Take into account that your supplier can send you invoices in different formats:

  • PDF.
  • XML Facturae type (Spanish einvoice).
  • XML UBL type (European einvoice).

Your supplier will only have to send you an email to your email address, with the invoice attached in one of the above formats.

3. Manage your invoices

Once you have received the invoices, they will be stored in the Invoices > Received Invoices section. Through this section, you will be able to manage your received invoices:


  • Open the invoice by clicking on the invoice number.
  • In the superior side of the invoice, you will find a menu in order to manage it.


Every time you receive an invoice, you will also receive a notification through email.

This functionality allows you to unify all your invoicing (sent and received) in B2Brouter.

Sign up now and test all the different methods to receive invoices using B2Brouter.