B2Brouter allows you to manage the orders that you receive through the PEPPOL network. The process is made by different steps, we provide you a list of the steps you need to follow in order to use this functionality:

  1. Habilitate the reception of documents.
  2. Receive and accept an order.
  3. Manage the labels (only available for orders from National Health Service).
  4. Turn an order into an invoice and send it.

Habilitate the reception of documents through PEPPOL

In order to receive documents through PEPPOL, you need to sign-up for a Business Plan. With the signed-up plan, you would be able to habilitate the option of receiving documents:

Make a request to start using PEPPOL and habilitate the reception of documents

In order to send electronic invoices through PEPPOL, it is necessary to make a request.

Firstly, log in your account using your email address and your password. Secondly, access to the “Adjustments” area. You can find it on the left superior part of the screen, illustrated with a gear icon. Once you are inside your configuration, access to the “Connections” section (left menu):

  • Click on the green button “New connection”.
  • Click on the option “PEPPOL”.

Once you have accessed to PEPPOL option, fill in the form with your own company data:

  • Select your specific type of Peppol Scheme ID from the drop-down “Peppol Scheme ID”.
  • Fill in the “Peppol Scheme ID” box with the ID number of you own company.

In the form, you also need to attach a document following the next indications:

  • Attach a legal document such as a registration certificate or a received invoice in which the number you have introduced in the box “Peppol Scheme ID” appears on it.
  • You can attach the document using the button “Select file” to search for the document in your system.

In order to receive documents through the PEPPOL network, mark the box “Enable the reception of documents via PEPPOL (invoices, orders…)”

Finally, you can send us the request clicking on the “Save” button that you can find in the right inferior part of the screen.

Once we have received the request, our support team will validate the data and will accept it if everything is correct. In this case, a notice will be sent to the email address you have informed in the registration process.

Finally, you would be able to send and receive documents through PEPPOL network.