To modify your user data (Name, email or password), you need to log in your account.

Once you have logged in, on the right superior part of the screen, you can access to the profile icon. Clicking on that icon, you will access to a drop-drown in which you need to select the first option, the one related to your email user. In this option you would be able to manage your user information.

In the section “My data”, you would be able to change your name, surname and access details (email and password). Take into account that if you are interested in changing the email address, you have to register one that does not exist in our data base.

In order to change your password, for security reasons, firstly, you need to enter the old password before the new one. Regarding the new password, you need to enter the same password twice (New password -Confirm your password). Secondly, click on the “Save” button to save changes. Once all changes have been saved, your account will automatically be logged out to log in with the new password.