If you have signed up for a Premium Plan, you can add a new user to your account so that several people can work from it.

In order to add a new user, you need to click on the “Adjustments” button (illustrated with a gear icon) and the “Users” option from the left menu. Following these steps, you would be able to access to the page where you can manage and invite users in your account.


In this page, at the bottom right part of it, you will find the green button “New user”. Clicking on it, you will access to a form you need to fill in in order to create a new user.


Once you are inside the creating a user form, in the “New user email” introduce an email address of the new user.


Regarding the “Permissions” drop-down, you would be able to assign a role to the user you are creating. The available roles are:

  • Owner: This profile allows you to manage and edit any aspect and option of the account. Each account can only have one owner. It is always the person who creates the account for the first time.
  • Administrator: This profile allows you to manage any option of the account, except signing up for a Premium Plan or a service.
  • View and edit: This profile allows you to manage any option regarding the invoicing process. Some examples would be to see the informed data, modify it or send documents. In this case, you will not have access to the “Adjustments” area (fiscal data, users, subscriptions, taxes, etc).
  • View only: This profile only allows you to view the data related to the documents you create or receive and the receiver companies you have created.

Once the permissions role has been assigned, you need to customize the “Access to” area. This area allows you to provide the user access to the different areas (Invoices, Orders, Payments, Quotes, etc) just clicking on the chosen ones. If you click on the “All sections” option, the user will have all the areas available, without the need of clicking on each of them.

Once the access has been selected, go to the next section, the “Language” drop-down. The user will view the portal in the selected language.

After configuring all the sections, click on the “Save” button, located in the inferior right part of the screen, in order the save the changes.

Activation of the new user:

Once you have created the user and the changes have been saved, the new user will receive an email from B2B Router to the informed email address. The receiver must open the email and accept the invitation to the account. In the email there is a link available in which all the necessary steps are described.

Finally, after accepting the invitation, the user would be able to access to the account.